When we use a laptop it is normal to want decrease battery consumptionespecially if we have Windows 11. The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system had quite a few issues when it was released: stuttering, lag, battery drain, etc. Little by little it was solved with patches, although many people still experience excessive battery consumption on their laptops. In this article, we will see all the methods we have to save as much battery as possible, without having to install third-party applications.

How to decrease battery consumption in Windows 11

Recalibrate battery saving mode

By default, Windows Battery Saver is turned on at 20%. Although we can modify this to extend the life of the laptop battery.

  • We open the System app on the computer.
  • We choose Power and battery.
  • We click on Battery saving to see more options.
  • In this section we are going to choose the battery saving mode at the level we want. We can also enable this mode so that it is active at all times, although the performance of the system can obviously be affected.

Use the troubleshooting tool

We access PC Settings, then go to System Settings and choose Troubleshoot. Next, we go to Another Troubleshooting Kit.

In the Energy section, we are going to click on Execute to limit the possible depletion of the system battery.

Change power usage mode

We press Windows + i to enter the System application, we choose Power and battery. We will see a drop-down menu next to Power mode, we will have to click on it and change to Better energy efficiency.

Reset graphics for apps

Apps that use too much graphics can consume a lot of battery, but don’t worry, it can be fixed.

To achieve this we will have to go to System> Display> Graphics. Here we can click on the program that we want to adjust its graphic level. Once we find the software we are looking for, we click on Options.

In this new window we will have to click on Energy saving and then on Save. In this way, the application in question will consume the least amount of energy possible

Disable background apps

It is normal for many applications to remain in the background to be ready at all times. In this way, when we want to open them, they will do so quickly. The problem is that they keep consuming power from the laptop.

We can avoid this from System> Energy and battery> Battery use. We can see a list of programs that we have installed on our computer. We will look for the applications that we consider unnecessary and we will click on the three points on the right, we choose Manage background activity.

Under Background app permissions, let’s choose Never. In this way, the application in question will never stay in the background consuming our battery.

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