• There is a trick to use different aliases in Gmail that allows you to be identified in several ways
  • It is key to avoid SPAM in your Inbox and/or to protect your privacy from external attacks
  • How does the alias work in Gmail? How to set it up temporarily or permanently and use it?

Google’s is the main email client, at least in terms of the number of users. Many people don’t know it, but there is a trick to use different aliases in Gmail that allows you to be identified in several different ways. But, what are the steps to follow to take advantage of it on your PC?

The first thing you should know is that creating an email alias is key to avoiding SPAM in your Inbox. It can also help if you are interested in protecting your privacy and staying away from outside attacks.

The secret is to hide your email address to protect your privacy and keep SPAM at bay.

How does the alias work in Gmail?

Simply put, a Gmail alias is a second email address to set up for your account. You can choose to send mail from this second address, which will allow you to hide your primary mailing address. And best of all, emails sent to that alias will be forwarded directly to your Main Inbox.

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There are several situations in which an alias can be interesting, such as if you want to protect your account. Other circumstances where a second alias can help is if you want to route certain emails to a secondary account so they don’t hinder your experience with the main one. Even so, as we said, those emails are forwarded to your main account by including it in the header of the email. But they are much less annoying.

How to quickly set up an alias in Gmail?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to access a secondary email address in Gmail, you can simply add a few extra characters to your primary account. Someone will infer that it is about you, yes.

It is the best way to filter emails so that they are sent to an altered address and not the original one. You will prevent firms that use email marketing from filling your Inbox with their constant emails.

Create an alias in Gmail step by step

When asked for an email and you know you no longer want to have contact with this source, simply add a “+” sign followed by any text to your original or primary email address. Assuming your email address is adam@gmail.com, write adam+two@gmai.com.

Next, you can configure a filter in Gmail to send any mail to a specific folder. You can customize the experience to see ad-supported emails only on the weekend, without going any further.

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And how to set up a permanent alias in Gmail?

If you think this could make your life easier on a daily basis, there remains the possibility of being a little less obvious. Sure, with an account to which you just add “+” and some other word, some will know it’s you.

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The good news is that you can set up a permanent alias in Gmail if you wish:

  1. Open Gmail in your browser and click on the Settings icon
  2. Select See all settings
  3. Click on Accounts and import
  4. In the Send mail as… section, click Add another email address
  5. Enter the name of the alias, an email address that you already have or specify a different one from these
  6. The system may ask you to send a verification email to your alias address. confirm
  7. Once you tap Send Verification…, enter your account details and SMTP server (web search)
  8. Your account details must be confirmed, and you will then be prompted to send an email to your alias
  9. An email will be sent to your alias address, asking you to confirm that you are going to use it in Gmail
  10. Once you click Confirm, the alias account should be set for good.

How to use your nickname in Gmail?

With your alias configured, the next step would be to start using it when creating a new email on PC or mobile.

  1. Open Gmail in your browser or from the app and click on Compose
  2. Click on your email address in the “From…” field
  3. Select your alias from the dropdown menu
  4. Complete the rest of your email and send it as you normally do
  5. When the recipient receives your email, it will appear to them that you sent it from the account with your alias
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The number of tricks that we have available in Gmail is practically infinite, for example, scheduling emails. You have the opportunity to block certain senders if they bother you very often, or to organize the emails you receive in various folders so that they affect you as little as possible. It is a matter of evaluating what you want.

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Have you chosen to use different aliases in Gmail? How has your experience been with these alternatives?

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