• Without access to an account Twitter is practically useless, so it is important to be able to use it
  • Your Internet connection, your access credentials and the Twitter servers are just three common causes of not being able to log in to this social network. What are the others and how to fix it?

It is one of the most used social networks in the world, and although in recent days thousands of people decided to register on Instagram/Meta Threads, the level of fame of these two platforms is still incomparable. Assuming you’re still in the first one, You will have noticed -because it may have affected you- that there are many more users than we would imagine with those who find that Twitter does not log in. As you may be suffering from this problem, today we want to tell you what you should do in that case.

As you know, without access to a Twitter account it is practically useless, so it is important to be able to use it. For seemingly no reason, you may not be able to log in as you would expect to do. Regardless of the reasons, what you should know are the eight tricks to fix the problem.

Possible solutions to a Twitter that does not log in

Check your internet connection

If your Internet connection isn’t working properly, you’ll have trouble logging into Twitter… and other networks. You can try to access Facebook, Instagram and the others, or do a speed test of your connections.

Verify your name and password

The access credentials are a key part of entering an account, and you have to check that it is correct. You can probably request a password recovery if you don’t remember it at the time for something.

Make sure your account is not suspended

The suspension of accounts on Twitter is not as common as on other social networks, but it can still happen to you. Whenever that happens to you, you will receive a notification to the email associated with your social network profile.

Check the status of the Twitter server

It is not at all strange that the services we use on the Internet go down for a short time due to “obstacles”. Basically, what you have to do is go to this link and check how is the status of the server.

Clear your browser’s cookies and cache

If you can log in to Twitter in one browser but not in another, it may be your cache or cookies. You can clear your browser’s cache, and you should do so if you notice things failing in a single program.

Change your account password

Another way to address the issue is to change your account password. It’s the same as if you don’t remember it.

You just have to ask Twitter to allow you to recover the password and, almost like magic, you may automatically gain access to the account. There is no clear explanation, but it has worked for many.

Turn VPN on or off

Virtual private networks can be very helpful, but they can also give you a headache from time to time. try disabling it to see if you can log in then, and if so, re-enable it immediately.

Disable browser extensions

Do not rule out the option to disable browser extensions. Whatever the browser and the extension, because the anomalies multiply the more add-ons are installed. Disable these extensions quickly and enable them one by one to detect if there is one that causes the behavior strange.

Get in touch with the Twitter Support team

If none of the above tricks helped you sign in to Twitter, you should get in touch. Fortunately, there is a Twitter Support team that you can send a message to from this link.

Have you been able to troubleshoot a Twitter account not logging in? With which of these tricks?

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