• If you think that you no longer have rivals on your level in Minecraft 1.19, the game reserves some surprises for you
  • You can activate an Ultra Hardcore Mode in which the demand becomes maximum for your character
  • By enabling it, the difference with Hardcore Mode is that you will not be able to recover health naturally

Minecraft is one of the most versatile open world titles out there, one that promises endless hours of guaranteed fun. However, most gamers make the mistake of staying with the initial proposal. But Ultra Hardcore in Minecraft 1.19 invites you to enjoy this sandbox in a different way, and in this article we want you to discover some instructions to activate it and have fun in a unique way.

The first thing you need to know, in any case, is that Minecraft has five game difficulty levels: Peaceful, Easy, Normal, Hard and Hardcore. The most experienced will feel, however, that even the last one is easy. Precisely for this reason the developers allow us to access a Ultra Hardcore mode to challenge us.

And what is the difference between Hardcore Mode and Ultra Hardcore Mode? What is it that changes between them? Basically Ultra Hardcore Mode is the same as Hardcore but we cannot recover health naturally.

Otherwise, exactly the same usual rules that we already know from Hardcore still apply, of course. The mobs continue to deal high damage and the kills are permanent, so that doesn’t change.. Our recommendation, in fact, is that you go up the modes one by one until you are ready.

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How to create an ultra hardcore world in Minecraft 1.19?

First of all, to play in an Ultra Hardcore or UHC world you have to create an Ultra Hardcore world. Two processes coexist to create these worldsso we are going to show you the options you have.

First you can create the world in Java Edition 1.16 or later and set the game mode to Hardcore. Next, click on Game Rules, select Natural regeneration to “False” and create the world.

If it was created before, open the pause menu and click the Open in LAN option and enable cheats. Then click the Start LAN World button. When you have done it, exit the menu and enter the following command into the chat box, copying it from here: /gamerule naturalRegeneration false.

Ultra-Hardcore Minecraft 3
As long as you’re constantly in battle, only a recovery potion will save you in Ultra Hardcore.

Minecraft Ultra Hardcore Mode Survival Tips

Always bring extra food

In Minecraft there is useful food that you should take with you wherever you go, even in excess if you go far from your base. When you play remember that hunger can kill your character, so try to curb his appetite.

Of course it is clear that both eating and drinking in the middle of battles is quite difficultbut minimally restoring a player’s health can save their life, so do what you can to feed yourself.

Avoid unnecessary damage

In UHC, the player does not have the ability to restore health naturally, so it is necessary to avoid taking damage at all costs. Sometimes you have to take risks, but most of the time it’s not worth dying for.

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Instead of throwing an Ender Pearl to cross an ocean of lava, build a bridge to cross the gap. Although the speed is slow, falling into the lava and coming back takes even longer and increases the risk of death.

After all, dying from lava is pretty common in Minecraft Hardcore, especially when exploring the Nether. Having a fire retardant potion can help you become immune to fire and lava. Additionally, keep a bucket of water on the hot bar to reduce fire damage.

feedback is very helpful

As a player, you must go to the trouble of finding materials to create your own healing potions. As we said before, there is no natural health recovery, so you are forced to act on your own.

Food can help, as we just mentioned, but in more than one case it will not be enough to recover. As long as you’re constantly in battle, only a recovery potion will save you in Ultra Hardcore.

Have you played Minecraft Ultra Hardcore? How has your experience been in this complicated scenario?

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