• Unfortunately, we have too many bad records of private data management
  • At the time, Italy considered canceling ChatGPT for the illegal use of private data
  • How to prevent that personal information entered into the system from ending up being seen by others?

The key to the operation of the AI ​​systems that we have been analyzing in recent months is in their data. The more information they have available, the better the results of their answers will be. All this means, among other things, that they collect everything you ask for and learn from you. If you want to be safe from the enormous potential of Artificial Intelligence, you can always cancel your data in ChatGPT. But how to do it?

In this article we want to teach you how to fill out the OpenAI ChatGPT opt-out request form. It is a procedure basic if you do not want your private information to be in the hands of this technology.

Let us remember that, at the time, Italy considered canceling this service due to the illegal use of private data. Whenever you want to be completely calm about it, there are a few things you should know soon.

Security and privacy risks when using ChatGPT

First of all, OpenAI is very transparent about how the information entered into the tool is managed. According to the general ChatGPT FAQ, updated as of 02/28/2023, this is how they manage it:

Who can see my conversations?

As part of our commitment to safe and responsible AI, we review conversations to improve our systems and ensure content meets our security policies and requirements.

Will you use my conversations to train?

Yeah. Your conversations may be reviewed by our AI trainers to improve our systems.


In other words, ChatGPT will use everything you ask it to learn, to train itself and to be even more effective. You probably won’t mind him collecting anything if you play with him or ask him to help with your math homework. But If you are going to have corporate or sensitive conversations, it is better that you consider it.

Without going any further, Amazon is one of the large corporations that asks its employees not to share relevant codes or any other transcendental data with this service. Its security officers found that certain ChatGPT responses looked suspiciously like the proprietary inside information of its workers.

ChatGPT Opt Out Request Form

Yaniv Markovski of OpenAI explained at the time that they remove personally identifiable information, using only a small sample of data from each of the clients that use ChatGPT. Unfortunately, we have too many bad records of private data management; like the ones on Facebook.

  1. Go to the OpenAI data opt-out request
  2. Enter the email address associated with the account
  3. Enter your organization ID and write your organization name
  4. Solve the Captcha and the data exclusion form will appear on the screen

You have to be aware that the request is sent through Google Forms and you should not include passwords or other sensitive data because it could be hacked and someone else has access to it.

To know more about the ChatGPT service you should read the privacy policy and the terms of use.

And don’t forget that we are not sure what this technology will do with your data while it “improves” the service. Therefore, no passwords, financial data, usernames or any other data that should be private. You can never be sure what someone might ask ChatGPT and if they won’t give out your personal information.

How to delete your ChatGPT account?

Although you can cancel your data in ChatGPT, the most extreme thing would be to delete your account with all the information.

  1. Enter to https://platform.openai.com and login with your account
  2. Click on the Settings menu item at the top right
  3. Select the Send us a message option and then go to Account removal under “What brings you here today?”
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions step by step
  5. When you’re done, OpenAI will send you a deleted account confirmation email
low ChatGPT data

Removal may take four weeks on completion. do not despair


ChatGPT can create content quickly, in virtually any style or format. And so far so good. But that’s the good part. And the bad part is that it takes data extracted from the Internet, contemplating the personal ones.

Whether you post on social media, or have a blog where you share your ideas, the AI ​​might be smart enough to discover that content and share it with someone if they ask about it.

Have you chosen to cancel your data in ChatGPT? What worried you especially to do it?

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