• Beyond the traditional games, you can try to defeat the Ender dragon as soon as possible in Minecraft, a Speedrun game mode that is conquering the best players
  • With these tips and tricks, you will be even more skilled when facing these types of obstacles

We have been talking about Minecraft a lot since its 1.19 update, one of the most interesting so far. We are constantly discovering new aspects, and in this case we bring you different useful tips for Speedrun in Minecraft 1.19, a unique way to enjoy this already classic open world game.

This is a mode where players can challenge themselves to see how far their talents go. Of course, to get rid of the obstacles that appear they have to develop otherwise completely unnecessary skills. This, thanks to the fact that Minecraft is an incredible sandbox, without limitations.

The problem is that most players agree that killing the last dragon and entering the exit portal represents something like the end of the game. Speedrun is a format in which the objectives change slightly and the idea is to be able to defeat the Ender dragon in the shortest possible time, before the others.

Tricks to succeed in Speedrun in Minecraft 1.19

Complete many missions on the first day

Most speed racing are done in random worlds instead of custom worlds. Making the most of the first day is of great importance to take advantage of others gamers.

Aim to solve as many quests as you can on the first day, like cooking or mining precious minerals. Collect essential resources such as wood, stone or iron. Also get enough food.

carry a shield

Shields are often overlooked by players, but this item is essential in Speedrun.. Crafting a shield is fairly easy with six pieces of wood and an iron ingot, so don’t go without it. You’ll be able to deal with strong enemies and avoid dying by exploring the Nether, which is how various Summoners die.

Don’t waste time looking for diamonds

While diamonds are one of the most iconic items in Minecraft and diamond weapons and armor help in battle, they are not essential to win the game if the purpose is to do it in a short time.

Of course, if you happen to come across a diamond, be sure to get it for the rewards.

Defeat the Ender Dragon

It is necessary to clean the crystals with the weapon first, as it is very difficult to kill the Ender Dragon without destroying them. Fortunately, we have some other secret that can be of enormous help in these cases.

Wait until the Ender Dragon lands at the end portal exit and jump to critically hit it., which have an impact of up to four times a normal hit. You should also use the stone ax because it deals more damage than the diamond sword and the Netherite sword, which are also difficult to find.

speedrun minecraft 2
Jump to deal critical hits to the Ender Dragon, which have an impact of up to four times a normal hit

Use an explosive bed

Another of the Speedrun keys in Minecraft has to do with the use of an explosive bed as a weapon. When the player goes to sleep in it while in any dimension other than the Overworld they will be affected by the explosion. The explosive bed works especially well against the Ender Dragon.

To use it you have to collect as many beds as you can and place them in a dead end when facing the final boss. When in the middle of the battle the dragon goes down to the well, place the bed under his head. Put a block between the bed and the hole to create a barrier and when it falls asleep it will explode.

Practice falling into a bucket of water

The way players interact with water in Minecraft is pretty special mostly because in a fall, regardless of how high it is, the perceived damage is reduced to 0, which is advantageous. Of course, from there comes the trick of the bucket or bucket of water, which if created before the fall saves the life of the character.

Just place a bucket of water on the hotbar, switch to bucket of water on landing, and pour water on it just before it hits the ground, thereby neutralizing the deterioration that could be caused by falling.

Practice building the Lower Gate

Players must create a Nether portal and go to the Nether to find items like Blaze Rod and Ender Pearl. This means constantly creating a Nether portal, since finding portals in ruins in Overworld is much more difficult than obtaining water and lava, which are the objects that we need to create this exit..

Place ten lava fountain blocks and a bucket of water in a molding one block wide and two to four blocks long.. Pour the lava and then the water to turn the lava into obsidian and expand the frame upwards to create more and more beds, until you unearth the earth around it and ignite it producing your own Nether. Finally, keep the Nether portal inside a lighted building to access it when you need it.

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