• Viva is a set of different tools developed by Microsoft designed for employees and work teams.
  • Developed so that they can optimize their time, become more productive and give their best remotely.

Able to unite various aspects of the workplace such as knowledge, productivity, communications, learning, resources and perceptions. Many wonderWhat is Microsoft Viva Sales? Powered by Microsoft 365 and the ability to manage from Microsoft Teams. It offers us different experiences and tools developed by Microsoft, ideal for any company. In this article we will tell you in detail several of the main features it offers.

What is Microsoft Viva Sales? Is it really useful for sellers?

We cannot deny that the last few years have been very complicated, but they have also presented challenges that have allowed us to innovate in many ways. Different companies and organizations had to find ways to manage remote work. Thanks to the union with the new digital technologies, different fields work and give rise to a very positive future in terms of remote work.

One of the options that Viva Sales offers for sellers is the possibility of working remotely. Sellers can perform all of their duties from the comfort of their home, office, or anywhere.

Additionally, it facilitates communication, allowing you to stay connected through Outlook and Teams.

Possibly one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks is recording interactions and commercial data from our customers (CRM). This data is used to track the business and income of the project.

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This kind of manual work is capable of frustrating sellers and giving them the feeling that they are wasting their time; they even lower morale and lower employee satisfaction. Microsoft Viva makes it easy for sellers to consolidate data from multiple systems so they can have a unified view of customer interactions and deals.

Microsoft Viva Sales works optimally with Microsoft 365 and Teams. Therefore, we will be able to manage work, knowledge, data and communicate without problems. An impressive experience for any digital employee.

Viva Insights

One of the main features of Microsoft Viva Sales. It gives us the possibility to improve productivity and well-being with information and recommendations based on different data, all protected with great security.

It will also help us explore different ways to develop better work habits. It gives us the ability to track and improves the effectiveness of meetings. Something extremely positive is that it integrates with Headspace, a web app that has helped millions of users reduce their stress and increase their productivity. In this way, both tools combined will help improve productivity, satisfaction and mental health when we are working.

Live Goals

Managers and leaders will be able to set, manage and achieve different goals for their teams. In this way we can provide priority strategies and achieve different results. It’s easy to connect teams and individuals with common goals with the help of built-in tools like Teams.

live learning

This is another very interesting feature that helps businesses and sales, which will grow rapidly. It makes learning a routine part of the day, easily incorporating it where employees already spend time.

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We will be able to add a learning tab in our Teams channel to find, select and pin training on different channels where we work with others. Create conversations to share content in Teams messages, chats, or emails.

It is also possible to recommend relevant content to our fellow group members, track progress and view recommended courses. There are many more features of Viva Learning, too many to summarize in a single article.

Live Topics

Another very important feature that we can get from Microsoft Viva Sales. It will be very helpful for employees to put all their knowledge to work. It makes use of AI to extract our experience from the applications that are used daily. In this way, we will be able to see all the content organized automatically in applications and devices that have different integrated functions.

Live Connections

This feature is based on Microsoft SharePoint technology and has some cool stuff like: company news, town halls, communities, resource groups, etc. Basically, it is a tool that allows us to stay connected with our colleagues remotely anywhere.

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