is feasible Safely disable multiple startup programs in Windows. These programs start automatically when we turn on the system. Some of these programs are essential for the operating system to function properly, while others are not and can be safely disabled. In this way, we will be able to improve the performance of our computer in general terms and it will even start the system faster.

How to know which startup programs we can safely disable in Windows

When we start the operating system, various services and applications are loaded that are configured to run at system startup. Services are a fundamental part of the OS and are required for everything to work properly.

Although we also find several applications or programs that are not necessary for the operating system and that consume resources, lowering the performance of our computer and taking longer to start it.

Disable startup programs.

In order to see the list of Windows 11 and Windows 10 startup programs, we will have to open Settings by pressing Windows + i and then go to Applications> Startup.

We are going to see a list of all the applications that start with the system and that we can deactivate. For example, in the screenshot that accompanies the article, we can disable ETD Control Center, Java Update Scheduler, etc. These can be safely disabled because they will not cause any impact on the system.

Java Update Scheduler is an app that checks for Java updates. This means that, in case of deactivating it, we will have to search for updates manually, but nothing more complicated than this. We can also disable OneDrive, although the files will not be synced to the cloud automatically.

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Although this is not forever, we can run the program again from start, hit Windows and type OneDrive and it will start syncing again.

As for third-party apps like Discord, Steam, Adobe Reader, etc. We can disable them all without any problems. In the event that we do not know the particular use of each application that appears at the beginning, it is advisable to search for it on the Internet.

We cannot comment here on all the apps that can be in the System Startup because each computer is different and not all of us have the same applications or programs installed.

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