• Both updated and native Windows 11 computers can demand more RAM
  • These computers require a few configuration tweaks to regain full power
  • How are the tutorials that help us to prevent the limitation of RAM to avoid the problem?

Despite the fact that the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system has been with us for several months now, we are still learning about some of its most recurrent problems. Most of them affect software, but being one of the essential hardware components in any PC and a very common inconvenience, today we show you what to do if Windows 11 does not receive enough RAM for the current requirement.

As you read it, there are many users who are surprised to receive a message indicating that Windows 11 is not receiving enough RAM to function, an obstacle for it to respond. The good news, however, is that we can get rid of this glitch or error with just a few steps.

Windows 11 RAM memory 2

What should you consider about this problem?

As we have explained, Anyone who uses PCs on a regular basis will know that RAM is key.. The more important the RAM memory is, the more GB it has, the faster the equipment will execute the actions. So if your PC doesn’t get enough RAM, even when installed, it will run everything slowly.

However, the problem may not be related to the system configuration, so before you get into it it is advisable that you rule out some other inconveniences that could be affecting the way in which the Windows 11 operating system is related to the RAM of your PC at that moment.

  • Use the official BIOS version;
  • make sure the RAM is not damaged;
  • make sure the RAM is compatible with the motherboard;
  • and make sure the RAM is firmly connected to the motherboard.
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How to fix Windows 11 not getting enough RAM?

If you have checked all of the above, and everything is in order, The next thing will be to know the instructions to fix the Windows 11 error that does not receive enough RAMwhose details you will know and follow below.

  • Press the key combination Win + R on the keyboard
  • In the dialog type msconfig in Executions
  • Press Enter in the System panel and select Boot
  • Next, click on the Advanced Options menu
  • Uncheck Maximum memory and click OK to confirm
Windows 11 RAM memory 3

If required, restart the device so that the error that we have described of insufficient RAM is solved. You can right-click on My Computer, select Properties, and view the RAM memory information to effectively check if the change has taken effect, something that should happen after doing the reboot.

And that’s it. As you can see, it is easy to say goodbye to the problem of Windows 11 and insufficient RAM.

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