• Update represents a step forward when it comes to managing Windows updates.
  • This tool is usually reliable, but from time to time it might suffer from some bugs
  • What are the steps to follow to make it respond again and activate again?

Although Microsoft’s update system is unlikely to be buggy because it’s very stable, it may occasionally cause you certain problems that you need to get rid of in order to update your operating system. That said, in this article we are going to teach you what to do when Windows Update fails, so you avoid keeping an old version with the security/response issues it can bring.

As we know, Microsoft regularly provides us with security patches, bug fixes and improvements on the main functions of this environment, through more or less relevant periodic updates. Generally, Windows Update takes care of downloading and installing them without us having to stop at it. Eventually, however, the day could come when something is wrong, and you have to get involved.

But why does Windows update fail?

There are numerous reasons why the Windows update process might be interrupted on your PC. Regardless of the reasons, which are almost always associated with the network connection or an antivirus, first of all you have to know that you should keep your computer updated, so do not delay in looking for a way out because that delay could cause an attack cybernetic slips through a security breach, in addition to obviously offering you poorer operating system performance, which is something you never like.

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And what to do when Windows Update fails?

If you get an error message with a code or not from Windows Update, there are several mechanisms to repair it. Also, take a look at the code because some of it is specific, and the fixes are also concrete.

Fix the update process

If the Windows update process is interrupted and an error message appears on the screen, all you need to do is find out the program or service that is causing the error. It’s not true, don’t worry! Microsoft knows that many of its users are not experts, and it makes things easier for us by thinking of them.

windows update fail 2

Go to Settings, Update and security, Troubleshoot, Windows Update, and once there look for the Windows Update Troubleshooter, running it to get rid of the problem.

Get rid of damaged files

During the process of restarting Windows to complete the Windows Update installation process, error messages may appear on the screen that have to do with particular files that have been damaged.

  • Wait for your PC to finish booting, and then perform a Clean Boot and download and install any updates.
  • Whenever you can’t perform a Clean Boot, run the Windows Update Troubleshooter
  • Disconnect all portable hard drives and other peripherals such as pen drives, DVD drives, etc.
  • Later, try the update again, since some may have been corrupted

If none of this works for you, then you should choose to restore Windows to a previous restore point. Thinking that that doesn’t help either, which would already be very strange, you should completely reinstall Windows.

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As we explained, if you have an error code find out what it isbecause that could be the key.

Avoid Windows instability after the update

Ultimately, let’s say Windows Update installation is successful, but there are issues around performance and system errors. You will have to apply some of the solutions that we express below:

Updated Windows, update the drivers that have been developed for that version of the OS.

If you think the problem is a particular update, you can uninstall updates on your computer, from Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features, View installed updates and uninstalling the one you don’t trust. Although Microsoft reviews its stability, these drawbacks are classic.

Eventually, you can also deactivate the updates so that this does not happen to you, allowing a few weeks to pass until other users test them, and when verifying that they have no defects, just install them.

Remember that you may certain important updates like Windows 10 Anniversary or Creators Update are more sensitive than othersso the bugs are likely to be in scope for these updates.

Have you been able to fix Windows Update failing on your computer with these tricks?

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