• As much as we have the latest iPhone or Android model available, we can always face different software or hardware problems.
  • That our phone restarts randomly, it is not something abnormal. It is definitely annoying, but it usually happens and the reasons that lead to this happening are variable.
  • So we will have to rule out possible causes until we find the one that is generating it.

Whether we have an iPhone or Android, we may find that our phone randomly reboots. It is not an abnormal problem at all, it happens to many people and the reasons are varied. There is no definitive why in this aspect, so it will take a little patience to solve it.

Why does my phone randomly reboot

Outdated system software

Software update.

It is more than clear that outdated operating system software can cause a huge number of problems to the device, especially if we have not updated it in a long time.

Updates don’t just include flashy new features and functions. They are also responsible for solving problems or errors, covering vulnerabilities and improving different performance issues. So, if you’re running an old version of the operating system, it’s best to upgrade, which can fix a lot of issues.

In the case of iPhone, we will have to go to Settings> General> Software Update. For Android users, we will find the possibility to update from Settings. Eventually, all devices stop receiving updates, though it never hurts to check.

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Conflicting Applications

As for system software, applications play a key role. When we install applications and update the ones we already have, there is a possibility that these can complicate the operation of the device. Generally, when it comes to app updates, this does not happen. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard of this though.

On Android, we can find out if a downloaded app is causing this problem on reboots by restarting the phone in safe mode. Phones from different manufacturers have different steps to enable safe mode; so we’ll need to check our manufacturer’s support website for the proper steps.

Safe Mode.

Generally, safe mode can be accessed by holding down the power button until the power off popup appears. Then, we will press and hold the power off option until the Safe mode message appears.

Why use safe mode? This Android mode restricts third-party apps. So if the problem is with an app that we have downloaded, the phone in safe mode would not have to restart.

In this case, we would have to uninstall recently installed apps one by one in order to identify the app that is not working properly. However, before uninstalling any application, we will have to verify that we are using the latest version of each one. There is a huge chance that an update can solve the problem.

Unfortunately, in the case of iPhone there is no safe mode. The only alternative to test this is to simply uninstall applications one by one or update them to check if they are causing software conflicts.

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Malware or malicious applications

In computers we know many types of malware that make the computer crash or restart. It is a problem that rarely occurs in mobile phones, especially Apple phones. However, more and more malicious programs appear for mobile devices, so we cannot rule out this option.

The best thing in the case of Android would be to factory reset the device directly, the only negative thing is that all the settings we have made are erased and personal files such as photos, videos, etc. will also be deleted. Leaving the device as if we had just acquired it.

Another option that is not as extreme, but it is not 100% effective. It is simply running an anti-malware scan to try to find the culprit, for this we are going to recommend BitDefender.

Cases and accessories


We cannot deny that accessories such as a case, battery or controls can be very useful, although sometimes they can also cause problems. So, one of the things that we must try is to disconnect them from our device to verify if they are not the ones that are causing the random reboots.

Limited storage

Generally, it is recommended that between 15% and 20% of the space of our device be completely free for it to work properly. In case of not having enough space, it can cause problems such as random reboots. So ideally you should try deleting apps, photos, videos and large files in order to free up storage space.

Phone randomly reboots due to hardware issues

Phone randomly reboots due to hardware issues.

In case none of the above reasons apply to us. Then it is very likely that our phone has a hardware problem.

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In these cases, the only alternative would be to take advantage of the device warranty. If you do not have a guarantee, you will have no choice but to take it to a professional to have it carefully checked.

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