• Many PC users enjoy window gaming and would like to improve its performance.
  • Microsoft has worked on various aspects of its implementation to prevent screen tearing
  • One of the last functions is related to the specific optimization for such mode

The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system brings improvements for video games, which has triggered the typical discussions between which Windows update is better for gamers with defenders of the last two, of course. thanks to this article you will learn how to optimize your windowed games in Windows 11, which could be of great help in thinking about making the most of the new features of the SW of those of Redmond.

Leaving aside the opinion of each one on the matter, it is a fact that Windows 11 is potentially a better option. Although right now it is not as stable as we would like it to be, there are functions related to fun on computers that we cannot dismiss. Among them Auto HDR and DirectStorage, to name a couple. Additionally, you have the optimization of window games, which is another very interesting quality.

For those who don’t know, and ending this introduction, Auto HDR enables HDR functionality in games that don’t support it on devices connected to an HDR compatible display while DirectStorage is designed to improve loading performance of games and already does. we had seen before on the Xbox

Why optimize windowed games in Windows 11?

Throughout the Windows 11 update cycle we have been revealing these features, which include the aforementioned additional optimizations for games to better those using DirectX 10 and DirectX 11. Above all, thinking of those users who like to entertain themselves in window mode or borderless mode.

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In a nutshell, Microsoft is bringing the optimizations introduced in DirectX 12 to DirectX 10/11 games. optimization updates the legacy display model used by DirectX 10 and 11 games when running in windowed or borderless mode to the new display mode introduced in DirectX 12.

In other words, we are witnessing the shift of applications from the bit model to the flip model. Many titles already take advantage of the flip model, but this update adds to those originally not compatible.

The main effect the feature has on games is to reduce latency, which helps the experience. Unfortunately, in some games optimizations can cause screen tearing.

Precisely, Microsoft recommends us to match the frame rate with the refresh rate of the monitor and, if we have the possibility, enable V-Sync to prevent tears from ruining our games.

Optimize windowed game settings step by step

The first thing we have to mention is that Windows 11 users who want to try out the new gaming feature should be running a recent Windows 11 Insider build, at least as of this writing. Remember that we have already explained how to participate in the Microsoft Insider program, in case you are interested in doing so.

  • Go to Start, Settings, System, Display and Graphics
  • Once there, select Change default graphics settings
  • Look for Windowed Gaming Optimizations and toggle the switch to enable this feature
  • Once enabled, you will have access to other options that you can activate or deactivate as needed
optimize games window 2

Eventually, you can select a specific game and choose Don’t use optimizations for windowed games. When you do, the optimization will not apply to that title. Then restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

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