• These small elements are located on the main screen and allow you to quickly access information that could be of interest. Among her, the one related to Climate, Podcasts, Calendar
  • You can make your Mac work much more like the iPhone and iPad
  • What are the steps to follow to add widgets to the MacOS Sonoma screen?

If you have installed the Beta of the next Apple operating system following our step by step, and you are already enjoying its news, but you think something is missing, Today we will explain how to add widgets to your desktop in MacOS Sonoma in a very easy and fast way. It is one of the best tricks to customize your laptop.

As we said, there are many improvements and new features that come with this update, few of which are revolutionary but absolutely all of them are charming. However, there is always room for other tweaks.

This time, we are going to focus on the widgets that can be unfairly forgotten but are very useful. Thanks to them, you will be able to make your Mac works much more like the iPhone and iPad.

What are widgets for?

Basically, these small elements that are located on the main screen will allow you to quickly access information that could be of interest. Among it, the one related to Weather, Podcasts, Calendar and other apps that belong to the Apple environment and that have been adapted so that their users can take advantage of them on Mac.

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The first good news is that there is more than one way to incorporate widgets into MacOS Sonoma.

So how do you add widgets to your desktop in MacOS Sonoma?

The procedure is really simple, since you just have to right click anywhere on the desktop. Within the options menu, select Edit widgets. Indicate which of those applications you are interested in, and indicate which type of widget you prefer for your favorite information. As you will notice in the following screenshot, there are many alternatives.

sonoma desktop widgets 2

As you will soon understand, not all widgets are equally useful depending on what your needs are. That’s probably a conversation we should have another day, so don’t worry about it for now.

Likewise, you can activate and deactivate all the widgets you want when you want to do it; without limits. Those you enable will remain on the screen and you can move them to and from wherever you want. Four recommended are always Weather, Battery, News and Calendar, but there are many more.

And how to remove those widgets?

This is no more difficult than making them appear. They disappear just by clicking the right button, Delete widgets. Obviously, this is one of those tricks that you shouldn’t rule out to customize your MacOS experience.

Have you added widgets to your desktop in MacOS Sonoma? Which of them do you consider essential?

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