• If you are receiving unwanted calls from unknown numbers, it does not matter where you receive them
  • They will end up driving you crazy, even through an instant messaging app like WhatsApp
  • What are the options that in the Calls tab allow us to block this type of SPAM?

WhatsApp has changed our lives, no doubt about it. And when we say this, we usually say it for its positive aspect. However, we could not ignore that some of the functions that its developers were adding can turn against it. If you don’t want to be bothered, you should know that silencing calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp is very simple.. Learn how to do it easily in the following article!

The point is that if you are receiving unwanted calls from unknown numbers, it does not matter where you receive them. They will end up driving you crazy whether it is through the Phone app or an instant messaging app like this one.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to stop this intrusion into your privacy; Know the ways to block calls from strangers on WhatsApp so they don’t interrupt you again while you’re busy with your business.

The good news is that, in these situations, we can resort to the options that are integrated into the app. Many times they go unnoticed, but in the Calls tab there are several features that we should consider.

But first, what are unknown numbers in WhatsApp?

Just like outside of WhatsApp, in this app any contacts that have not been previously saved will appear on the screen as Unknown Number. It doesn’t matter if you’ve texted with him before. When you enable the function of muting calls from unknown numbers, all those who are not scheduled in your Contacts will notice that their calls to your WhatsApp profile are always rejected.

In other words, WhatsApp will mute calls from all the people who are not in your contact list. You can schedule them to stop blocking them. That will signal to the app that you trust those individuals.

On the other hand, you can also check the Calls tab later and call that unknown number to find out what it is really interested in.. It is a way of being the one in control of all your communications.

Silence unknown WhatsApp calls on iOS and Android

  • Run the WhatsApp app on your iPhone or Android
  • Enter the Settings of your WhatsApp account
  • Go to Privacy, Calls, and there activate the option Silence unknown calls

At the moment you want to reverse this decision, you can do it by following these steps but, of course, reversing the last one. That will help you get rid of those who persecute you for a few days, if it is temporary.


From that moment on, WhatsApp will silence calls made by all people who are not listed in your Contacts, or with whom you have never exchanged calls or messages in the past. You will enjoy a higher level of privacy in a very simple waywithout wasting time or worrying.

Have you been able to silence calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp with this trick that we teach you?

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