Although Apple’s iOS 15 update isn’t quite as feature-packed as previous versions, there’s still a lot to see. Included are these seven hidden iOS 15 features that are worth considering.

Hidden features of iOS 15

Apple iPhone users can now download iOS 15 on supported devices. The update comes with a few tent-like features, such as Focus, Map and Notification enhancements, and later SharePlay, among others. There are also hidden iOS 15 features that are waiting to be discovered.

Real-time weather activity reports

In a Dark Sky transfer, which Apple acquired, you can now receive real-time rainfall alerts in the official Weather app. These notifications are limited to when the rain or snow starts or stops. If you track the weather in more than one place, you can adjust your notification settings accordingly.

To configure notifications:

  1. Enter the application Weather on iOS 15
  2. Choose the icon Plus at the top right of the app.
  3. Choose Notifications.
  4. Activate the (s) location (s) for which (s) you want to receive notifications.

Change font size by application

Before the release of iOS 15, the font size could be changed throughout the iPhone system. Now available on an application-by-application basis. To do this, you have to follow some steps:

  1. Open the Settings on the home screen.
  2. Press the Control center.
  3. Scroll down and select Text size under More controls.


  1. Open the Control center whenever you are in an app.
  2. Choose control of Text size.
  3. Change the text size using the sliders.

Silent games

As part of Apple’s new Focus feature, you can decide which notifications are silent depending on what you’re doing or the time of day. You can also set a Game Focus that allows you to turn off notifications whenever you are playing a game on your device.

To create a Game Focus:

  1. Press the Settings app on your home screen.
  2. Choose Focus.
  3. Select the + icon in the upper right.
  4. Choose Games.

From there:

  1. Press Next.
  2. Choose Add person to select the people you want to receive notifications from during the game. You can also allow calls from the same or different people as needed.
  3. Please select Let.
  4. Choose the Applications They can send notifications during the game, if applicable.
  5. Press Let.
  6. Please select Activate games automatically if you want Game Focus to turn on when your phone is connected to a wireless controller. Otherwise, select Skip.
  7. Please select Done.
  8. Activates / deactivates the Game Focus as necessary.

How to use Live Text with photos

One of the most exciting new features to come to iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey is Live Text with photos. Whenever there is an image in the Photos or Camera apps, the system will automatically suggest links to it, such as phone numbers or addresses. If there is a foreign word in an image, it will even offer a translation.

Shared with you in messages

Every time someone shares content with you in iMessage, you will find links to it in the supported application. This feature makes it easy to find great content over time. For example, if someone sends you a link to an Apple Music song in iMessage, you will see a link to the song in the Apple Music app. The feature also works with the native Podcast, Apple TV, and Photos app.

Apple Code Generator

With two-factor authentication, you typically have to use codes that are generated with third-party applications. Not anymore. Now you can create codes within iOS 15 without the need for an additional application. Once configured, the verification codes are auto-filled when you log into the site.

To create codes:

  1. Tap on the app Settings on the home screen.
  2. Then scroll down and select Passwords.

Coming Soon – App Privacy Report

Lastly, there’s the new app privacy report coming to iOS 15 in the coming months. With the report, you can see how often apps have accessed your location, photos, camera, microphone, and contacts in the last week. In addition, it shows you which applications have contacted other domains and when they have. The new report works with the previously released application privacy label. When both are available, it will be easier than ever to see how third-party developers are sharing our information.

There are many exciting new features in iOS 15 for iPhone, including the “hidden” ones mentioned above. You can download iOS 15 on your iPhone today.

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