An updated selection of free browser plugins to help you work smarter. Image OCR, fast SEO analysis, link checking and more.

The popularity of the Google Chrome browser is due, among other things, to the wide selection of great plugins that it offers. The materials have collected several useful free browser extensions that will help you in your work.

Free Google Chrome extensions for work

Copy text from pictures- Project Naptha

A handy plugin for working with text on images – like pictures in articles and static banners. It allows you to copy text from pictures, screenshots, pdfs, animations and photos, as well as translate, modify or erase using technology similar to Content-Aware Fill from Photoshop.

The extension uses optical character analysis technology developed by Google, Microsoft and others to recognize text in images.

View SEO Information- Detailed SEO Extension

The extension will give you SEO data about the page you run it on. It will show a list of filled meta tags Title, H1 and others, robots, information on micro-markup, links and other parameters.

View microdata- Structured Data Testing Tool

The extension analyzes how structured data is filled on the page of any site. Handles Microdata, Schema, RDFa and JSON-LD.

By clicking on the extension icon, it collects information about the markup present on the page and shows what types of markup are on the page and how the elements are marked up.

Check Links- Check My Links

The Check My Links extension quickly analyzes the correctness of links on the page and simplifies the elimination of errors made during linking.

Click on the extension icon on any page and it will highlight working links in green and broken ones in red.

View Server Response Codes- Redirect Path

The developers at Ayima have created many plugins, but the tool that deserves special attention is the one that displays redirects with HTTP status codes 301, 302, 404 and 500, as well as redirects using HTML meta tags and or javascript redirects.

Too many redirects can slow down the site and make life difficult for users. Besides, Google and Yandex algorithms don’t always treat them well. Ayima’s Redirect Path plugin will get rid of all the unnecessary.

Google Chrome Extension for Webmaster
Displaying server response codes on the page

Collect a personal feed of useful articles- RSS Feed Reader

This extension allows you to keep track of the latest news on Internet marketing, ensuring that you will constantly receive valuable and relevant information for professional development. You can add RSS feeds to your favorite sites and flag articles you would like to read later, building a library of your favorite content.

Extension for personal RSS in the browser
Expansion interface

Collect tabs into one list- OneTab

Usually, when working on complex text, there are too many tabs open. The same happens when a specialist performs several tasks in parallel. Tabs can be annoying, get in the way, and even slow down the browser.

At this point, you can click on the OneTab extension for Google Chrome: it converts active tabs into a list on one page. At any time, you can restore several necessary tabs or all at once.

Extension for convenient work in the browser
List of tabs on a page

Write in the comments what sets of tools you would be interested in!

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