• The introduction of blockchain technology is revolutionizing many industries, video games is one that is constantly evolving.
  • Little by little, more P2E games begin to approach the super productions of the video game industry.
  • This opens many doors to have a good time and earn money in the process.

Blockchain technology has managed to provide opportunities for crypto game creators, giving them the opportunity to create virtual economies where players can earn real money by investing their time. The blockchain games and the metaversecome to be that innovation that becomes necessary for the video game industry.

The much-needed innovation to the gaming industry provided by blockchain and metaverse gaming

Crypto players can take part in the Play-to-Earn (P2E) economy to earn in-game tokens or NFTs that can be stored in the relevant wallet. We also find the possibility of using different cryptocurrency exchanges to be able to exchange the tokens for cryptocurrencies, the ones we want.

These digital assets can be put up for sale or exchanged on different online platforms, they can even be converted immediately into conventional money.

On the other side we find the traditional gamers who function centrally by design, many of whom are against NFTs and cryptocurrencies, especially blockchain and metaverse gaming. Generally, assets that are used in the game are locked to the game and cannot be used for anything else.

This is very simple: players cannot use assets outside of the context of the game. For better understanding, it is impossible to use a CS:GO skin in Battlefield or Call of Duty.

Although in this case, game assets such as skins can be sold to other players. Generally, it occurs on the black market or thanks to centralized markets. But it is impossible to freely trade game assets to earn money.

So, blockchain games introduce us to changes that are fundamental in this topic, allowing players to be able to earn money with their assets by exchanging them for others or for real money.

All players have a wallet that gives them the opportunity to store their blockchain-based game assets and several of these can be used in many games.

These virtual assets have a value in the physical world, this simply makes blockchain games more important. Additionally, when designed properly, play-to-win games offer an engaging experience alongside a well-built economy.

EveryRealm: Roblox House Building and NFT Adventures in The Sandbox

EveryRealm works on Hometopia, a Roblox house design game. Hometopia, popularly called the “adult game” of the metaverse, gives its players the opportunity to collaborate with their friends to design houses and communities.

EveryRealm is a metaverse real estate company that creates virtual buildings in immersive 3D environments. We must consider the importance of this, several Web3 venture capital firms, including one of the best known as Andreessen Horowitz, have sponsored the company in the investment round with $ 60 million. Even among the sponsors we find The Weeknd, Coinbase and even the famous actor Will Smith.

They say that Hometopia would be the first game in the metaverse that will be really very important for the design, construction and renovation of houses.

Endless Adventures in Fantasy Islands one of the most anticipated blockchain game in the metaverse

To this we must add the renowned adventure game Fantasy Islands that recently made its debut in the metaverse. The Sandbox is a virtual place where many companies and small investors have been mixing and building, it is the backdrop for the first major launch of Fantasy Islands.

Traditional games have to be purchased and downloaded in order to enjoy them. But metaverse games are integrated into the virtual environment they are in, giving us the ability to access them on the go. Fantasy Islands, despite not being a complete game, has plenty of content for its players who can explore more than 100 islands and complete hundreds of challenges along the way.

Frostbite Villa is the location of Fantasy Islands, it can be found inside The Sandbox at coordinates -3, 5. While exploring the location, players will be able to find different prompts and clues that will require them to complete seven tasks. Everything seems to indicate that regular users of The Sandbox are really enjoying this proposal.

EveryRealm wants Fantasy Islands to become something bigger than just a multi-level adventure. The idea behind it is that the residents of the islands manage to build their own apartments and villas next to the silver where they can spend their time and show off the NFTs that decorate their real estate.

This collection includes a huge variety of NFTs that we can use to enjoy this metaverse game. The FI100 cards that provide VIP access to all 100 islands in the game, currently priced at 19 ETH, are the best of the lot.

Additionally, each NFT has unique characteristics. Like a bar, grid coordinates, gadgets, animals, etc. As crazy as it sounds, Fantasy Islands is the best place to be if you’ve ever wanted to spend time with a giraffe.

The metaverse is at a very early stage and already has a lot to offer. We constantly see how the quality and variety of content grows. In the case of Fantasy Islands, it is far from finished. However, first impressions leave us surprised in a very positive way.

the metaverse

The metaverse is another section of the blockchain gaming community whose main idea is to bring innovation to this space. Put simply, the metaverse is a vision of a collection of virtual worlds where people can play, work, and learn. Precisely, one of the main strengths of the metaverse is that it is not limited to games.

For example, companies can use the metaverse to hold virtual meetings and get their employees to work in a virtual environment. The corporate metaverse aims to give these organizations full authority over their virtual worlds.

Companies can create virtual places that are aligned with the spirit and culture of the company, where employees, directors and founders can work online.

For better understanding, we can see a simple example: a startup can create a virtual space for presentations where investors can see and interact with all business ideas.

If we’re running an e-commerce startup, we could create a store where customers can view and purchase our products. Digital and physical products can be sold in this virtual space. Digital ones can be downloaded instantly, while physical ones ship as they normally would.

The future of the crypto gaming industry

The blockchain gaming sector is fast becoming extremely important in the crypto industry. As a result, crypto games manage to create quite immersive new experiences, with AAA-style graphics and we even find out what big name companies are entering the market.

However, there is still a long way to go to know if blockchain games will be able to reach the standards of traditional games.

However, we are seeing huge interest from major game studios and a growing quality of crypto games, where the potential for growth is huge.

Thanks to these factors, it is possible that, in a relatively short period of time, we will witness an evolution in the world of crypto and P2E video games with new innovations and ideas brought to life.

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