• Spotify recommends podcasts in the same way that it recommends music for everyday use.
  • What are the tricks to block it in the app if you are tired of a particular podcast?

If you consume it yourself or at least keep an eye on the news, you already know that some time ago this format became one of the favorites of the most important music streaming platform that currently exists. But, Can a podcast be blocked on Spotify? What would be the steps for them to stop insisting on you?

These are two of the questions that users who, for various reasons, want to stop having contact with a specific podcast within the Spotify application are probably asking themselves. And it is that, although when using algorithms that analyze our favorite interests Results rarely err, sometimes they do..

Basically, Spotify recommends podcasts in the same way that it recommends music for everyday life. Assuming you’re already tired of a particular podcast, there are a few tricks to block it in the app.

Can you block a podcast on Spotify?

At this point, obviously the answer is yes, but there is no way to do it officially or directly. That is, Spotify does not have -yet- a function that allows us to block a podcast so that it is no longer shown to us. Thanks to certain users, who have noticed the absence of this feature, today we have a solution.

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Indeed, there are third-party systems that claim to block podcasts within Spotify, but we do not recommend them. Our suggestion is that you leave them aside because they could take advantage of your need to leak a virus.

Unfollow a podcast step by step

In most cases, it is possible that you liked that podcast that you no longer want to appear on the screen. It is that Spotify will insist on pointing out its news when it thinks that they may attract your attention. He may believe that because at some point you indicated that you wanted to be aware of his news. So the first thing would be to quickly unfollow that podcast if you haven’t already. You will see, the steps to follow are quite simple.

  1. Launch Spotify
  2. Click on your library
  3. Click on Podcasts and shows
  4. At the top of the page, just below the podcast cover, tap the Following button
  5. When you click on it, it should change to Follow. you won’t be following him anymore
block podcast spotify 2

Through the ratings

Another way to make it clear to Spotify that you don’t want to hear what that creator has to say is through the platform’s internal ratings mechanism. If you give it a low rating, Spotify will understand that you are not going to dedicate part of your day to it. Since they want you to use the app, they will go on to recommend new things.

The bad news is that the rating will be observed by other users, and some of those are a bit uncomfortable. It will also play against the growth of that content creator. Let’s take a look at the procedure.

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To rate a podcast, Spotify says that we must first listen to it. But it is enough to play a few seconds, fast forward almost all the content and listen to the last seconds again. With that you will be able to qualify it without problems.

  1. Launch Spotify
  2. Find the podcast to rate
  3. In the stars, click on the first one on the left
  4. 1/5 star rating will be sent to Spotify servers
block podcast spotify 3

A few more questions about Spotify recommendations

If the tips above aren’t helpful, it may be because of how recommendations are governed within Spotify. Those who work on the development of the application argue that their recommendations are based on the very indications that users offer about what they like and what they don’t. But we also know that more issues are involved, such as whether users who share a lot of tastes with us like that podcast or not.

On the other hand, if you just signed up and they don’t have enough information to set some parameters, they will start by recommending you random things until they define, with data, what you like and what you don’t.

Regardless of why Spotify is nagging you about some content, everything you do in the app will ultimately affect what it shows you and what it doesn’t. If you don’t like something, the best thing you can do is never play it.. Spotify doesn’t detect ironic consumption and doesn’t care why you’re playing something. If they notice that you spend time within the platform listening to something, they will continue to recommend something similar to what you are listening to.

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As long as there is no direct and efficient solution to block podcasts, we will have no choice but this one. Interacting with them by making it clear to the service that we don’t like them is the only technique or method available.

Are you going to block any podcast on Spotify? Are Spotify’s recommendations usually accurate?

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