We have all wanted at some point know who saw our profile of Twitter. Although, there are certain indicators on which we can base ourselves to draw conclusions such as “likes” or “retweets”. Actually, there is no way to know who is viewing our tweets and profile. All we can do is obtain certain profile information using Twitter Analytics.

In this article we are going to see what kind of information we can access in relation to our Twitter profile and what not. We will also answer several common questions that most users have regarding the privacy policies of the bird’s social network.

Know who viewed my Twitter profile

As we mentioned before, it is impossible to know who viewed our Twitter profile, although we can see how many have seen it. This social network works differently from others like LinkedIn, which effectively allows us to see who visited our profile. Here we can only know who saw our tweets as long as they interact with it.

We can see who likes, interacts and retweets. We can also see how many people follow us or when we are mentioned in some posts. This is something quite common in all social networks.

Regarding the visibility of our profile, everything will depend on the configuration of the account. If it is configured as “Public” anyone who knows our username could see our messages without even having to be registered on the platform. Additionally, if they have an account, they can interact with that content.

On the other hand, if we have our profile as “Private” only those people who follow us will have access to our profile. We always recommend configuring it this way to protect our privacy and avoid certain dangers that come with not taking care of the information we publish on the network.

How to make my Twitter account private

If we do it from a browser, the steps will be quite simple. We start by logging in from the official Web Twitter.

Know who visits a profile on Twitter

Once we log in with our account, we will have to click on the “More” option found on the left sidebar.

Settings and privacy.

Next, we go to “Settings and privacy”.

Privacy & Security.

Here we are going to select Privacy and security in the right panel.

Audience and labeling.

In the section “Your activity on Twitter” we will have to choose the option that says “Audience and labeling”.

Protect my Tweets.

We are going to click on the check box that is on the right side of “Protect your Tweets”.


A small pop-up window opens and we are going to choose “Protect”.

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Here it is possible that Twitter asks us to enter the password again for security reasons. Once we do, our followers will be the only ones able to interact with our tweets.

Something that we must clarify is that certain information on our profile will always be public: biography, profile photo, website and location. So, if we don’t want this information to be visible to anyone, the only option is not to provide it or to change the profile picture to something else.

Change the privacy of my Twitter account from iOS and Android

In the event that we want to make our account private from a mobile device. We can also do it without any kind of problem from the official application of each operating system.

  • We start by opening the Twitter app on iOS or Android.
  • Click on the “Profile” icon located at the top left of the screen.
  • Here we will have to click on “Settings and privacy” at the bottom.
  • We will choose “Privacy and security” among the options.
  • Next, we will click on “Audience and labeling”.
  • Click on “Protect your Tweets” so that the slider moves and remains “Activated”.

Use browser extension to find out who visited my Twitter profile

On the net we are going to find a large number of browser extensions that claim that they can offer the information we want: know who visited our Twitter profile. Extensions that we will find available for all social media platforms. However, most of these are a lie.

Many of these web browser extensions are free to use and give the impression of being genuine, but they could use our personally identifiable data for unpleasant purposes. When we install such an extension, we are providing permission to access our private information.

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The catch in many of these extensions is that they will only tell us if a person who also has the extension installed visited our profile and this happens with the few plugins that are relatively trustworthy.

Why do we say relatively trusted? Because these extensions will also be in charge of tracking all our activity on the web. So we are exposing an abysmal amount of private information to obtain irrelevant information.

use an app

In the same way that it happens with the famous extensions for a web browser, we are not going to find any application that we can take advantage of to find out who visits our profile. However, it is possible to use some alternative applications to Twitter Analytics to access profile counts and tweet view numbers. In this case, the best applications are HootSuite and crowdfire.

However, we continue with the same position: no application can give us the information we are looking for. Although they can provide us with other kinds of information about our profile. Additionally, these apps allow you to see which publications are receiving the most attention (ideal if you want to grow in terms of followers), how many visits the profile has daily and the number of accounts that see the tweets, although you cannot specify who they were.

In the two cases mentioned above, the apps have a free version, although Crowdfire is very limited. Instead, HootSuite has a 30-day free version. In case we don’t want to pay for an application of this kind, we can always use Twitter Analytics which, being official, is much safer and free.

How to use Twitter Analytics

But what is Twitter Analytics? It is a business tool that will provide us with statistics on our profile in order to measure participation in this and various demographic data. Although it also allows you to view visits to the profile, tweets, responses, etc. In case you are a content creator, influencer, owner or have an online business, we can get a lot out of it. However, it is not possible to see who entered our profile specifically.

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Twitter Analytics is not available on mobile devices. However, we can still access certain statistics on tweets, profile visits, link clicks, new followers, impressions, etc. We are going to get a lot of relevant information to improve our profile posts and get more exposure.

To see the statistics of our tweets or responses, we will have to do the following:

  • We open the Twitter application and click on the Profile icon at the top left of the screen.
  • In the drop-down menu, we press Profile again.
  • Here we will go to the Tweets or Tweets and replies tab.
  • We scroll down and we will see a statistics bar with numbers on the side. That number is the view or impression count.
  • In case we want to see more statistics, we will press “Statistics bar”.

Use Twitter Analytics from a web browser

More options.

The first thing we will do is enter Twitter from any web browser and log in. Once we enter, we are going to click on “More” in the left sidebar.


Next, we are going to click on “Analysis”.

Can we know who visits a profile on Twitter?

Here we will select “Activate analysis” and we can view the statistics related to our profile.

Access Twitter Analytics

To enable the Twitter Analytics page on a desktop browser, we will have to go to this page with the session started. Here we will be able to view all the most important information about our profile.

We will also find other interesting metrics that we can track: number of tweets we have published, the visits they have generated, how many times our account was mentioned, and followers.

Each of these metrics are measured on a month-to-month basis. It will also allow us to know which tweet was the one that attracted the most attention and who is the main follower of the month. Definitely, this tool is important for those people who are promoting a product, website, are content creators, etc.

Thanks to this information, we will be clear about what works on our profile and what kind of content we have to put aside. By learning more about our followers and their likes, we can optimize our posts.

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