• Outdated versions of software, Windows Firewall, and/or permissions may interfere with Twitch authentication in OBS. Even a misconfigured network can block it
  • What are the steps to follow to solve it and be able to log in with Twitch in OBS?

If you’re a regular user of this screen recording program, you probably already know that there are many ways to access OBS, but if you can’t authenticate with Twitch in OBS, you need to follow a few easy steps that we’re going to go over. The interesting thing is that this problem is almost always solvable, although it may take you a few minutes to figure out exactly what’s going on. You’ll find out when any of the tricks or result outputs, of course.

As we said, when you are going to use OBS to start a live broadcast on the Twitch platform, the first thing to do is write your access credentials to access the service. It works as well in Windows 10 as it does in Windows 11.

However, from time to time you may run into the Failed to authenticate with Twitch message within OBS. Thanks to this publication, you will know what are the steps to follow so that this message stops hindering you.

Solution to Error when authenticating with Twitch in OBS

This failure can be caused by various causes, and the secret is to rule them out one by one. From simple to complex.

Restart OBS Studio

Your first line of action in these cases should always be to restart the application that is causing the problem. So, to get rid of those damaged or corrupted files, take care of restarting OBS Studio at once.

Almost any connectivity issue between Twitch and OBS can be fixed with this simple operation. Make sure, by the way, that OBS Studio is running with the administrator privileges granted.

Relink Twitch to OBS Studio

The sync between OBS Studio and Twitch could be failing because there is something wrong with their linking.

  1. Go to the Settings section of OBS Studio and select the streaming tab
  2. Find and click Disconnect to log out of Twitch in OBS Studio
  3. Wait for the tab to refresh, and relink these two accounts
  4. A new window will open, in which you must enter your credentials
  5. Answer the system’s security questions and, if necessary, confirm your identity by SMS or email

Upon completion, you should be able to authenticate with Twitch in OBS as usual. If it doesn’t work, continue reading.

Reset and stream key

A unique alphanumeric code known as a stream key serves as the stream access code. It’s crucial to keep this key a secret because anyone who gets it will be able to stream from your own channel. Resetting the transmission key can be advantageous, especially if you complement that trick with the one that follows.

  1. Go to your Twitch account dashboard by clicking on your profile image in the top right corner
  2. Click on the broadcast tab in the menu on the left side, once in the creator panel
  3. Click the reset button at the end of the line to receive a renewed stream code

Opt for a Custom Ingest Server

A Custom Ingest Server may be an alternative if you have a stream key, bypassing authentication. Remember that it is a little less secure and your privacy could be violated, so it is an exceptional resource.

  1. In the Stream Settings section, tap Use Stream Key and not Connect Account
  2. Click OK and from then on you will stream from a Custom Ingest Server and not directly

Reinstall OBS Studio

If none of the above works as we would like, then you should consider completely reinstalling OBS. Some builds of this program may be blocked, and it is also a way to update it.

You will not lose any of your content, but you will have to dedicate yourself to reinstalling the plugins.

Other frequently asked questions

Why is OBS not connecting to Twitch?

If OBS does not connect to Twitch, it could be due to any of the reasons or reasons that we are going to detail:

  • You are running an outdated software version
  • Windows Firewall is interfering and blocking OBS Studio
  • You are running OBS Studio without granting administrative privileges
  • OBS Studio settings are not compatible with the connection or network settings

Is OBS compatible with Twitch?

With OBS Studio, live streaming to Twitch is easy. To start streaming, all you need to do is link your OBS account to your Twitch account. Without OBS, you can stream live on your PC with Restream Studio. Restream Studio is a simpler and more limited in-browser live streaming program.

Have you been able to solve the error when authenticating Twitch in OBS with these tricks that we teach you?

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