• For weeks now, you can change the color of vectors with Adobe’s AI in Firefly
  • Based on Artificial Intelligence, it is an instrument that simplifies those complex results
  • What are the main steps to recolor vectors with Adobe Firefly AI?

You may not be aware of all the news from Adobe. If so, you should know that, for weeks, you can change the color of the vectors with the AI ​​of Adobe Firefly thanks to an update of this platform. What are the steps to take advantage of this feature and how to access Vector Recoloring?

This is precisely the name that the developers decided to give to the new tool in question. Again from Artificial Intelligence, it is an instrument that simplifies complex results.

a bit of context

In April, Adobe announced the Vector Recoloring tool for Illustrator. However, it is still in beta and as of this writing, only available as part of Adobe Firefly offerings.

To access Vector Recoloring, you must first register to join the Firefly beta and testing. You must have an Adobe account to do this, which means that not everyone can use it even if they want to. Likewise, you have a free trial period available that, if you have not yet executed, is there for you to do so.

It can take a few hours to a few days before you gain access. Once you’ve joined the beta, you can easily access the Vector Recoloring tool. You will receive an email from Adobe with a direct link to Firefly. It is currently the only possible way to access the Vector Recoloring tool.

How to change the color of a vector design with Adobe Firefly?

Adobe Firefly has several tools available on its home page. To access the Recolor Vector tool, select Generate in the Change Page Vector Colors section and Vector Recoloring.

Upload your SVG or choose a sample image

You can only work with SVG files. Surely that will change in the future but for now it is like that. You can download your free SVG files online by uploading them with the upload button or by selecting the image. All images must be full vector graphics. You will get better results with multiple colors.

Enter your reminder

After successfully uploading the SVG image, type a style message in the text box as a reminder. Use this indicator to describe the color style you want to usefrom retro styles to other nationalists.

If you’re having a hard time getting inspired, scroll over the prompts below the text box. By choosing any of these directions, you will get a sample image instead of the uploaded SVG. While you can go with your SVG text templates, Firefly usually takes a few seconds to render the outlines.

edit the colors

There are several ways to tweak the colors to better suit your preferences. Hover over these generated images to see the color swatch of the colors. You can click on Mix colors if you want.

If you can’t find one that totally convinces you, you can keep the black and white of the original illustration. Remember that this option is enabled by default. If you disable it, there will be more mixes.

By resorting to all available alternatives, you can quickly find a color scheme you like. Now, the use of a generator saves time and that will make you more productive in your daily tasks.

Download your SVG

Once you’ve come up with a color theme that you’re happy with, you can and should download your image. An SVG file will proceed to download, just like the one that was uploaded. To download, hover over or select the generated image and then select the Download icon to start the process of downloading the file.

You can open your SVG with Adobe Illustrator, where you’ll be able to edit layers or change colors further. You can also use SVG to upload images to Canva or Cricut Design Space for various projects.

Have you managed to change the color of the vectors with the Firefly AI? Did you like the tool?

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