In the next Clash of Clans beginners guidewe will guide you through the basic concepts to win any combat and get the loot that any player who is taking their first steps in the game should take into account.

If you want to play like an expert, we will first have to start with the basics, once we have it clear, we can improve our strategies. We also recommend playing on PC for greater comfort when enjoying each game.

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Clash of Clans

The basics of the attack

Basic combat fundamentals.

Obviously, we must start with the main essential of the game, attack. When we attack an enemy base, we steal resources from any buildings we destroy. It is the most effective way to progress in the game. Although we must bear in mind that these towers will be protected.

Before we go on to talk about how to make a good attack, we need to take the time to press “Next” to find a base that has good rewards and low defenses so that we can win it without problems.

Once we find an enemy base to attack, what we want is to take all the loot. But for this we will have to choose how to attack and we will have to take into account the troops that we will use, the spells, how many of each one we will carry, the position, timing, etc.

Army composition

Composition of units.

We are going to start building our army and for this we will have to be guided by three main categories: tanks, dps (damage) and nuclear weapons (nukers).

  • Tanks have a high amount of health and defense, though they can’t deal high damage. These units must be positioned in front taking all hits; enemy towers were automatically targeting the first thing that comes close and will keep hitting until they are eliminated. Tanks are troops that are designed to take a lot of damage.
  • DPS (damage) are units that have low health, short range, but huge damage. These we will have to deploy them in the middle of the attack so that they can cross the central core of the enemy base and eliminate the towers. These units will get ahead of the tanks once deployed and will start taking hits, they are fragile so we will need to deploy them a bit after the tanks.
  • Nuclear weapons or nukers would be those who have very little life, but brutal damage. Obviously, these units depend on a tank in front of them, because if not, they will die immediately. On the positive side, they are capable of dealing an amount of damage that no other unit can.
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When creating our army, we may want to have between a third or half of tanks, although it would be advisable to keep trying until we find the composition that gives us the best results.

Clash of Clans spells.

When we have the spells unlocked, we are going to have to choose. Some work well with certain troops, while others don’t.

troop deployment

We already know which troops or units to take into battle. Now we will have to see how to deploy them properly and in this Clash of Clans beginners guide we will guide you. We will have to familiarize ourselves with the concept of “channeling”; troops destroy one building and move on to attack the next.

Deploying troops, how should we do it?

Which means that if we position all the troops in one place they will destroy the building faster, then we can form two groups to continue attacking the enemy base from two fronts, the problem is that they will take a lot of damage without eliminating the main defenses or achieving get to the town hall.

To avoid this situation, what we will have to do is start with a line formation that clears an entire side, we will start in the corners and work our way to the middle alternating sides, funneling our troops forward when appropriate. Obviously, if the buildings on the sides are destroyed, the only option is to move forward.

The clan castle in battle

Something else we should be aware of is that some enemy bases will have troops to defend their clan castle. It is not possible to tell if a base has castle defenses or not until we are on site. Ideally, send a single archer or barbarian to check, before deploying all troops.

Clash of Clans Beginners Guide.

If we want to eliminate a base with defenders, we will have to use an archer or giant to be able to activate the castle defenses, then a series of archers to attract them to a corner where we can eliminate them without being attacked by the towers. Using multiple archers to absorb the main attacks and mages behind to take them out is a good strategy.

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Once they are eliminated, we will have to put several roadblocks in front so that they enter the range of the enemy towers, leaving the rest of the units behind and start channeling.

Clan Castle Features

The clan castle has many functions in general. The first thing that we must be clear about is that here we will find the menu to join one; and we will have to do it to enjoy all the content of the game and get juicy bonuses.

When we are in a clan, we can request donations of troops every 20 minutes (15 or 10 in case of being a high level clan) this gives us a minimum of 10 additional spaces in the army and 45 spaces when we are at the maximum. It will allow us to create a larger army and we will be able to have quite high level troops if we have high level clanmates.

Instead of using the units in offensive mode, we can use them to defend ourselves against attackers. If they manage to survive the battle, they will be available to defend again, even to attack. We also have the option to put the castle to “sleep” and units will stay safe instead of defending.

The castle is an extremely useful tool for resource management, since we only lose a small fraction when attacked. This makes it simpler to save several million in the castle, for when we are close to acquiring a tower, we just take the loot from the castle and we will get it. This will allow us to avoid being assaulted by large amounts of loot when we are approaching the required amount. It’s important to make sure you have the loot in the castle until we’re about to use it.

Builders and laboratory

This is one of the most important aspects of the game to be able to progress quickly. The builders and laboratory are the way to unlock the entire game, increase the power of our attacks and defense. We will only start with two builders and getting more, they cost gems, although they will increase progress significantly. The ideal is to have 5 constructors, no more is needed.

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What we have to take into account is that for each level of TH (Town Hall) the buildings and updates increase in terms of time. At first some updates take hours, when we have the TH quite high, they can take up to 18 days.

The game requires a lot of patience or an investment of hundreds of dollars to get everything done quickly. Although if we have the possibility and we want to advance quickly, we can use the monthly pass; this is something very valuable, better than any other offer and we can get 5 builders quickly.

Types of resources or loot

In the game we will find three resources: gold, elixir and dark elixir. We must bear in mind that the latter will not be unlocked until the town hall is at level 7.

The Dark Elixir or Dark Elixir is used to build and upgrade a second set of offensive troops and spells, also to build and upgrade heroes. The first hero will be available at TH7 and every two levels.

The prices of dark elixir are very high compared to the rate at which we acquire it. So when we get to TH7 or higher, we’re going to have to spend quite a bit of time collecting resources to upgrade things. This is somewhat balanced, because updates take time.

The dynamic works perfectly: when we upgrade the TH for the first time, we are going to focus on improving our defense, the faster we do it, the better loot we get, this means that the first elixir will be very valuable. Once we have the elixir buildings to the maximum, we will need a smaller amount and the gold will be useful to improve the defensive buildings.

When we get to TH7, we’ll see defensive upgrades (elixir) done first, followed by defensive towers (gold), then heroes (dark elixir), and lastly walls (gold). Depending on where we are in terms of the town hall level, we will have to look for one or another resource.

We hope this Clash of Clans Beginners Guide was helpful. Remember that if you have any questions or recommendations you can leave it in the comment box that you will find a little further down.

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