• Too many Apple device users still don’t use Smart Photo Albums
  • A smart album mirrors a search result in parallel to the other albums
  • How do these albums work? We analyze examples of them and how to activate them in iOS

From the doubts in forums and social networks, We noticed that many Apple device users still don’t use Smart Photo Albums on their Mac.. Knowing how to create them and why you should do it right now becomes, then, one of the main concerns we have for taking advantage of this function.

In the end, if you’re already experienced with such a feature, you’ll know that it’s as easy as launching the Photos app, going to File, New Smart Album, and there adjusting your search criteria and giving it a specific name. Immediately, this smart photo album will appear in the sidebar. Yes, just like the others.

But what are smart photo albums on Mac?

a smart album is the reflection of a search result in parallel to the usual Apple albums. Of course, they are distinguished from those by some differences, such as that you do not need to add photos manually. Precisely, it will be the team’s own intelligence that is in charge of adding images as it thinks.

Smart albums allow you to create custom collections of images or videos within a library. In this case, from Apple Photos. They do so following a series of criteria established by us, users.

They can be extremely useful if you want to quickly retrieve search criteria or collections. Basically, from a parameter they create collections that adjust to that search factor.

Of course, they make sense especially or especially when, as a user, you use the same criteria on a daily basis. Using these criteria every day, there comes a point where you might get fed up and leave everything up to MacOS. Apple has designed this system in its latest version iOS 17 with various news related to Photos.

smart albums photos Mac album name

How do they work? Example of a simple smart album

One of the advantages of this system is that you can chain or combine many of the criteria in one search. So you can be as specific as you’d like. For example, you can collect photos in RAW format, taken specifically with a unique camera and lens, on a particular day. That is, there will be no confusion.

How to generate smart photo albums on Mac?

As we said, this is an easy process. Also for those who have no experience with those albums.

  1. Launch the Photos app on your Mac and go to File, New Smart Album
  2. You will see a new window appear with a name and a set of conditions
  3. Use these conditions to adjust the search criteria planned for your album
  4. By clicking on the “+” icon you will be able to add conditions until you are satisfied with them
  5. Repeat this procedure until you have added all the necessary conditions
  6. At that point, tap OK to save the new smart album
  7. The new album will appear in the sidebar next to the others

You will be able to realize that it is a smart album thanks to the fact that will have a gear icon. By right-clicking on it you can go to Edit Smart Album and change its parameters.

smart albums photos mac edit album

Can smart albums be produced on iOS/iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no support for producing smart albums on an iPhone.. At least for now. Clarified this, to access this arrangement of photos on iPhone or iPad you just have to activate it on your Mac. The new albums will automatically appear on your mobile or tablet. And that is not the only possible solution.

It is that there is a great diversity of criteria related to the classification of photos and images in iOS and iPadOS. Apple Photos may not be as advanced as Google Photos, but Still, it’s an excellent platform..

Have you been able to smart photo albums on your Mac with this tutorial that we just showed you?

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