• Most millennials prefer their favorite business communications to come through email, and 99% of consumers check their emails every day
  • Email marketing continues to be a critical element in the promotional campaigns of companies around the world, and if you know its benefits, you too will consider trusting this system.

If you are taking your first steps in a digital business, you are probably also planning your marketing strategy. Sometimes you may be clear about some of the fundamental concepts, but don’t know how to improve it beyond that. If so, you should see the Email marketing and some of its benefits.

In the past we talked about them within the marketing tips for company founders in 2021, and they may seem like a somewhat outdated tool, but the truth is that they continue to give great results and, best of all, they ask for practically nothing in return, so you shouldn’t discard them too quickly.

Some recent statistics confirm all this, indicating that 73% of millennials prefer their favorite companies’ communications to come through email.

If we add to that that 99% of actual or potential consumers check their emails every day, then we already have the first two compelling reasons to add email marketing to your strategy.

Email marketing and its main benefits

Personalized content

Among the reasons why having mass emails in your marketing strategy, personalized content is undoubtedly one of the most important, and it is that who is not interested in being able to take advantage of these functions.

It can be from minimal customization, such as including a contact name, to full audience segmentation and, based on that, the application of substantial modifications in each of the emails.

One of the main benefits of email marketing is that its content can be personalized, thus achieving send the right mail, to the right person, at the right time.

Collecting Feedback and Surveys

Staying on top of the customer experience is also essential in these cases, and constant interaction with them will give you much of the information you need to improve things in the future.

Among the easiest ways to do this are the open the doors to comments and surveys, thus collecting interesting data about the perception that exists about your products, developments and experiences.

Email marketing can help you do this. For example, you can send customer satisfaction surveys to get customer feedback through email campaigns.

Increase sales

Ultimately, what we all want is to increase sales, and although email marketing and its benefits are geared more towards this goal, if you use it, and before you know it, you will be increasing your sales.

This is because email marketing campaigns can feature products or services, encourage customers to buy after abandoning their cart, or bring them special offers, not that they can decline.

Since these messages can be directed to customers who have already shown interest in your articles, the chances that they will finally execute the operation are higher than in other cases, of course.

Engage with the audience

Establishing close ties with the audience is another essential factor. When they feel like they can talk to you, the chances of them becoming loyal to the brand you’re building are higher.

Through email marketing, you can reach more audiences and communicate easily with them, with the advantage that this means of communication does not understand seasons. They are always high seasons.

Gain traffic to your site

Email marketing campaigns also mean sending traffic to your site, and improving SEO as a result of the above, collaborating with the permanence of that audience committed to your website.

Of course, when you are working on creating an email that links to your content, you should always consider incorporating the call to action, also known as CTA.

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