On one occasion or another we may find that Facebook doesn’t workat this time we will have to try some solutions to continue using the social network. In this article, we will find several tips to solve different daily problems that most users have to face from time to time.

Facebook doesn’t work. How did you fix it?

Check if Facebook is offline

If Facebook does not work, the first thing we should do is verify if the problem is with the social network or with our device/internet. For this we will be able to verify your status in downdetectora website that analyzes data from the most important services to detect interruptions and problems.

In the event that Downdetector determines that Facebook is down or has problems, then the only alternative left to us is to wait until the company can fix it. However, if the social network is working without problems, then we will have to continue trying other possible solutions.

our internet connection

Obviously, if we are reading this it is because we have an internet connection, we know it. However, we would not have to dismiss it so simply. In case we find ourselves in a wireless dead zone, we don’t have good service or if the Wi-Fi router or Ethernet cable is not working properly, then it is possible that the lack of connection is the culprit.

In case the problem comes from the connection side, we recommend restarting the router and the device with which we are trying to enter Facebook. If we live in an area with poor service, we don’t have much of a choice either.

refresh page

Reload page.

If we are using a web browser to enter the social network, on some occasions it may be due to its failure. Something that can be solved with something as simple as updating. On the vast majority of devices, the refresh button is represented as a circular arrow to the left of the website’s URL.

Alternatively, on Windows we can press Ctrl+R and on Mac Command+R to refresh the page we are on. If we use a mobile device, we can slide our finger down on the Facebook website to update it.

If after updating it we still have problems, we recommend trying to open the social network in a new page, window or even in incognito mode.

clear cache

If they gave us a euro every time clearing the cache solves a huge number of problems related to applications and the simple fact of browsing the internet, we would be writing this from the Caribbean.

The browser cache is the local copy of all the data from the websites we visit, the idea is to increase the loading speed and browsing performance. The problem is when it becomes saturated and begins to generate problems with web pages. This also occurs in installed applications, both on mobile devices and computers.

Here we recommend clearing the cache in Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox or the browser we are using.

After clearing the cache in our browser, some pages may take a few more seconds to load. However, this will happen the first time we re-enter the site.

In the event that we are on a mobile device, we recommend from Settings> Applications> Storage, clear the Facebook cache and, quite possibly, our problems will come to an end.

Restart the Facebook app or device

An ancient technique without a doubt, which on a huge number of occasions is the answer to all our problems. Restarting the Facebook app, browser, and even the device itself can help us repair any failure. Especially if they are caused by memory problems.

Update or reinstall the app

To finish, the last idea that we released is to update the application. It is essential to keep all the applications that we use updated to their latest version to avoid any kind of problem. Whether we are using a mobile app or a web browser, we must keep it on its latest version.

Not only for reasons of functionality, stability, etc. Also for security reasons. Alternatively, we can uninstall the app, reboot the device, and reinstall.

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