• For security and privacy reasons, we usually recommend logging out of networks
  • When third-party or shared equipment is used or when using public WiFi, it is key to close them
  • What is the problem of a Facebook that does not let you log out and what solutions are there?

For security and privacy reasons, we often recommend logging out of social media. Especially when third-party or shared equipment is used. Having said that, many more users than we would imagine encounter the problem of Facebook not letting them log out. Don’t worry! So you can fix it.

And it is that Facebook login problems are quite common among those who log in and out. It seems that this is a simple process and it should be, but it is not uncommon for the social network to refuse to allow the user to log out. Fortunately, there are various tricks to “make it”.

This is important when using public Wi-Fi, where any external attack could try to break into your account. You always have to make sure that you are logged out so that no one but you can access the open profile.

How do you log out of Facebook?

Logging out of Facebook is pretty easy, and you might know how to do it. If not, do this:

  1. Click on your profile photo in the upper right corner
  2. Click on Sign out in the Options list
  3. In a few seconds, it should close

Now, we know that the inconvenience of a Facebook that does not let you log out is new and did not exist. Apparently, it has to do with the latest updates of the social network so it should be fixed.

Possible solutions to a Facebook that won’t let you log out

If Facebook won’t allow you to log out of any of your sessions, try these procedures in sequence.

Check the status of Facebook servers

The entire explanation may be a failure in the Facebook servers. But this can be checked in seconds. There are online services like IsItDownRightNow, which help you find out if a platform has problems that are related to their servers.. All you have to do is enter this link and check.

On the other hand, since Facebook is owned by Meta, its server status can be checked at metastatus.com. The good news is that interruptions suffered in the past also appear. So you can know if that anomaly experienced a few hours ago or several days ago had to do with the servers of the social network.

Clear your browser’s cache and cookies

We already taught you how to clear a browser’s cache, and it is a trick that could help you now. Basically, this is how you delete all the data and information that the browser saves from a web page in order to load it faster in the future. It’s a useful gadget but one that, from time to time, it can play against the users.

If your cache or cookie files are corrupted, Facebook may not let you sign out.

Check the Internet connection

A slow or unstable internet connection can be another cause of this obstacle to log out of Facebook. Of course you can tell if the problem comes from there by doing a speed test or trying other sites.

Whenever your Internet network has deficiencies, the speed test will indicate it with its results.

Disable third-party extensions in your browser

Third party extensions in your browser can make your life easier. But also complicate it a bit. Disabling them and enabling them one by one is a way to check if any of them do not cause conflicts. Assuming you find the one that causes these issues on Facebook, log out and enable it.

Sign out of all devices

If you’re using a shared or third-party computer and don’t have time to try your luck with these solutions, you still have one last resort which is to resort to logging out of all Facebook devices.

  1. Click on this link or go to facebook.com
  2. Go to the bottom, to the menu that says Where are you logged in
  3. Scroll further down, and click Sign out of all sessions

By doing this, you will be signing out of all devices. Then you will have to start it again in some, but you will be calm that nobody will have access to your account. It’s a last resort solution but really useful.

Have you been able to solve the problem of a Facebook that does not let you log out with these step by step?

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