• Finding a free multimedia design tool is a dream come true thanks to Fitma.
  • With multiple possibilities, competing head to head against Adobe XD and Sketch, improving its features and proposing something else on the table.
  • If you have to work as a team, collaboratively, this tool is the solution to all your problems.

In a similar way to the proposal of Adobe XD and Sketch. figma is a free tool of media design based on vectors that, additionally, has cloud storage.

What really makes Figma an extra point, though, is the ability to work with other people in real time. Images are updated and sent back and forth between creators so they can work on the project at the same time. Obviously, thanks to this, it is possible to work as a team in an optimal way. Multiple people can view the file at the same time, across multiple platforms, because the app can be installed on ChromeOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Figma is the free multimedia design tool you need

User interface and collaborative design

sigma interface

Thanks to its very user-friendly interface, it is not necessary to have extensive experience in the field to be able to create our own designs. So with a very intuitive interface, beginners and experts alike can get up and running in a matter of minutes.

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New designers often have trouble turning their imagination into reality, facing a software learning curve that is too steep. The idea of ​​Figma is to make this learning curve friendly, short and try to bridge the gap between visualizing an idea and turning it into something real.

Thanks to Figma, we can turn ideas into products. Significantly increase optimization speed, especially when it comes to collaborating. Thanks to a free tool that is based on the web.

With the ability to help with UX and UI configuration, this tool gives the whole team the ability to interact with the designs, all through one accessible URL. We share the link and that’s it, anyone can enter the project.

Working as a team

The ability to see everyone’s progress instantly is just great for making different edits at different times. Especially at times when we must deliver a job as quickly as possible. Collaboration links help everyone on the team stay up to date on the project. Thanks to this, everyone can view and edit the files simultaneously or asynchronously. This gets rid of that pesky need that shouldn’t be needed anymore: file transfers.

In turn, anyone who is working on the project can leave comments on it. It is possible to create unique graphics and get constructive feedback to improve it further before finishing the job. The idea of ​​Figma is to improve teamwork to such a level that it gives the impression that we are in the same physical place working with colleagues.

We also find another quite important feature of Figma that is its library of components. Anyone can create a reusable component library and then make it accessible to the whole team. It is an interesting way to share images, tones, objects, etc. This library also gets rid of the annoying caveat of having to manually recreate someone else’s idea to use as a base for different projects. All we would do is open the folder, extract the component and organize it however we see fit.

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The vector network is another thing that fascinated us about Figma. Thanks to this we can attach multiple fragments to any node of a vector, instead of just two standard fragments. This is an interesting feature, which if we mix it with the component library can create an environment where any kind of ideas can be shared, whether they are simple or complex; save and archive them, then share them with other designers.

Figma vs. Adobe XD What is the best multimedia design tool?

We cannot deny that Adobe XD and Sketch are the most “popular” options on the market. But if we compare them, Figma is a more complete package. To get Sketch to have the same features as Figma, we would have to install InVasion, Abstract or Zeplin. For its part, Figma is compatible with the 2D WebGL rendering engine, which allows for more precise and detailed execution.

If we compare it with Adobe XD, we also find that Figma provides much more cloud storage space. Both options are free, mind you, but Adobe XD offers 2 GB of storage, Figma has unlimited space. We should also add that Figma quite excels when it comes to co-op. Thanks to this we can update the content quickly and efficiently, much more than with Adobe’s proposal. And not to mention the fact that Figma is compatible with more operating systems like ChromeOS and Linux.

Group-focused graphic design

While it has all the tools to create graphics online, both for UX and UI. It has all the necessary tools to create logos, presentations, websites, social media graphics, etc. We can use it for free to access many effects and design elements that will help us improve our idea. The most important of all this is the powerful possibility of real-time collaboration that we mentioned earlier.

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