• Before downloading any application on our phone we have to know if it will work.
  • Some apps allow downloading despite not meeting the minimum requirements. However, it will not work in the same way or we will not have all its functions.
  • To avoid surprises and waste time, we should always check what version of Android an application requires to work optimally.

Google Play Store is the Android store that allows us to download an infinite number of applications, games, movies, programs and books; it also has varied content for children, among other things. However, if we have an old phone, before downloading applications we will have to find the required Android version in the Google Play Store. In this way we make sure that the app that we will download will work on our device.

Each application published in the Play Store will indicate which version of the operating system is required or those minimum requirements that must be met for it to work optimally. It is important that we pay attention to this point before downloading an application to avoid surprises in the future.

Find the Android version required for apps in the Play Store

The first thing we will have to do is open the Google Play Store, we can do this from a computer or from the same application for mobile devices.

Next, we are going to look for the application that interests us and we will proceed to open it. We scroll down until we find the “About this application” section, which is generally located under the preview of images or videos.

Which version of Android does it require.

When we find in this section, we are going to click on the arrow that points to the right. We scroll down again until we reach Application Information.

Where it says Operating system required, it will indicate the minimum version of Android that we must have in order to download and use the application 100%.

Why do we need to know the minimum version of our phone?

Generally, when a specific Android version is required, if we do not meet the minimum, it does not allow us to download it. However, there are several applications that allow us to download it anyway. The problem is that it may not work properly or we may not be able to use all the features it offers.

Here it is best to always keep our device updated with the latest version of the operating system that is available for it. Not only for usability reasons, but also to keep us safe on the internet.

In case we find that many applications that we want to use cannot be downloaded to our device because it does not meet the minimum version of Android. And if we add to this, not having new updates available, it may be time to change the device to a more modern one.

Remember that all mobile phones have a useful life in terms of updates. At a certain point (several years) they will stop receiving software updates.

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