• Although they do not usually work, from time to time the remote controls that are sold together with the Amazon Fire TV Stick TV may fail or have errors when executing their basic actions
  • The solution to these problems usually has to do with the origin of the problem, so it will be necessary to rule out and solve some common problems… or buy a new one

dongle is the name given to those devices that allow us to transform our old televisions into modern Smart TVs, to enjoy the main content applications on demand, video or audio. Sure, the best known of them is Chromecast, but That is not to say that other manufacturers do not have their own attempts in this segment, such as Amazon, with its Fire TV Stick..

This one, like others donglesis one of the favorites of users because it has a differential accessory such as a remote control, which allows us to have an experience more in the classic style of televisions, and not so much related to mobile phones, despite the fact that it is also you can control perfectly from an app.

The problem appears, how could it be otherwise, when the Fire TV Stick remote control does not respond, an inconvenience that forces analyze the possible causes of this failure or error, and remedy them as soon as possible. Only in this way can you discover what is the problem that affects you, and how to solve it immediately.

Solutions if your Fire TV Stick remote is not responding

Move the remote closer to your Fire TV Stick

Incredible as it may seem, sometimes this problem is related to you being too far away from your TV. Since the Fire TV Stick uses Bluetooth connections, range may be affected by distance. Eventually, there may be some obstacles that also prevent you from reaching the goal.

As we said before, first it is about ruling out problems, so go to your TV to see if that works.

Fire TV Stick 1

check the batteries

If even if you get closer to your TV, that does not work, then you have to check the status of the batteries. Especially if you used them before on another team, They may be worn out and you need new ones..

If you dropped the remote control on the ground, or hit something, the batteries may also have stopped making contact as they should, and that explains why they don’t respond to commands you give them.

This also applies if your remote responds only occasionally. A few new batteries should suffice.

Re-pair your remote with your Fire TV Stick

Finally, if your power has been cut off, if you have a new television, or if your Fire TV Stick is new, the problem will surely come from the side of a synchronization that is not well done, or updated.

You have to turn on your Fire TV Stick, and then bring the remote closer to the TV, holding the home button for about ten seconds, until both devices indicate that they are paired.

Repair the damaged remote control or buy another one, the last exit

If at this point your remote is still not working as it should, it is most likely damaged, so you should try contact the seller, whether under warranty or not, to try to get it repaired.

If the budget to fix it is too high, or you think it’s time to abandon that old remote control and replace it with a new one, on Amazon you can find several interesting substitutes, many even that have some additional features compared to the originals, as well do not hesitate with them.

The value of these accessories is approximately 30 euros and, if you do not want to spend, there is always the option of continuing to use Amazon’s smart TV system through its apps for mobile devices. Remember that the application is available on both iOS and Android, being compatible with the latest available versions of these operating systems for smartphones, in the App Store and Play Store.

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