• There are defects that you can experience with the sound of this platform in its transmissions
  • Regardless of the causes and explanations, the solutions tend to be the same.
  • Why is the configuration of your browser key to understanding these drawbacks?

Analyzing the defects that you may experience with the sound of this platform, when making or following a broadcast, could take us hours. But no matter what issue you’re experiencing, we’ll show you how to fix audio issues on Twitch step by step so they stop affecting you in a few seconds.


Why is my Twitch audio getting out of sync slowly?

In general terms, we are going to stop with one of the specific problems of this service, related to the fact that its audio is slowly out of sync, which prevents users from enjoying the quality sound that they should have. There may be several explanations for this, and regardless of which ones cause this annoyance, the important thing is to know which are the tutorials that usually recover Twitch audio in minutes.

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Fix faulty Twitch sound

Turn off HTML5 player on Twitch

You can try disabling or turning off the HTML5 player on Twitch first, as some netizens claim that the problem is related to it, so there is nothing to lose by trying it out.

  • Open Twitch in your browser and open the stream with the faulty sound
  • Click on the gear icon at the bottom of the player
  • Go to Advanced option and disable HTML5 Player

Verify that your Twitch audio no longer has the issues listed above.

Update your graphics and audio drivers

Updating your graphics and audio drivers is a must whenever your sound is not quality.

  • Press Win + I to open the Windows Update tab and enter Advanced Options, Optional Updates, downloading and installing all available updates within that specific menu

Eventually, update from the manufacturer’s website. Sometimes they publish them before Windows.

Clear your web browser cache

The data that browsers store in the cache to facilitate the loading of portals can play against you. Be sure to clear the cache of your web browser, whatever you use, to rule out this failure or error.

Twitch audio cache problems

Disable hardware acceleration of your web browser

The next thing you should do is disable the hardware acceleration of your web browser, of course. Assuming you do it in Chrome, it is better to do without this task that manages the use of your GPU.

  • Open Chrome as usual, and hit the three-dot menu button
  • Next, hit the Settings option then System
  • Disable the switch associated with the Use hardware acceleration when available feature
Twitch audio hardware acceleration issues

Restart your browser to apply the changes, and reopen Twitch to check your audio.

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Disable or remove web extensions

Something similar happens with web extensions, as some could cause defects in the sound of Twitch. Disabling them to find out if they are the cause of your problems is the only way to find out.

  • Open Chrome as usual, and hit the three-dot menu button
  • Next, press the option More tools, Extensions
  • Search for suspicious extensions and remove them one by one

Restart your browser to apply the changes, and reopen Twitch to check your audio.

Uninstall third-party audio drivers

Third party audio drivers are not completely innocent. At least not until proven otherwise. Uninstalling third-party audio drivers, and analyzing Twitch’s performance then, is a must.

  • Open Device Manager
  • Expands the Sound, video and game controllers category
  • Right-click on the third-party audio driver and select Device Uninstaller
  • Follow the onscreen instructions, restart your PC, and upon restart, open Twitch again to check your audio

Disable fast startup

The Windows fast startup feature is useful in some situations, but can be very inconvenient in others.

  • Open the Control Panel and go to the Hardware and Sound and Options and Power section
  • Click on the Choose what the power button does option and click on Change settings…
  • Next, uncheck the Turn on fast startup option and press the Save changes button

Restart your browser to apply the changes, and reopen Twitch to check your audio.

Disable the option Use device timestamps -while using OBS-

If you are facing audio delay or out-of-sync issues on Twitch while having OBS Studio active, you should disable the Use Device Timestamps feature because in some cases it is responsible.

  • Open OBS Studio and tap the gear-shaped icon present below the audio stream
  • Hit the Properties option and in this window, uncheck the Use device timestamps option
  • Click OK to apply the changes, open Twitch and play a stream
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Open Twitch in a different browser

Finally, we have mainly focused on Chrome and it is possible that you are using and have carried out these same procedures in another browser. Whatever you’re using, if none of the above ends up working for you, then we advise you to open Twitch in a different browser for a while.

Have you been able to fix bad Twitch sound with these recommendations?

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