We cannot deny that one of the most recognized platforms on the internet is YouTube. We are talking about a kind of social network that managed to attract millions of content creators who earn money by adding content daily to the platform. In turn, as a user we can enjoy a number of hours of abysmal content. Although we can do this if we do not have to solve any kind of common youtube upload errors Certain?

From time to time, the platform may contain one or another loading error. Some video that can’t load at a certain resolution, others that don’t load at any and so on. We will see how to solve it a little further down.

How to fix common YouTube upload errors

We have encountered unexpected problems

When we encounter the error comment: “We encountered unexpected problems while trying to upload a video” from our YouTube channel, then the problem is on the server. So, possibly the YouTube server is not active. The only option left to us in this case is to simply wait for them to be active again. Generally, it is not something that takes a long time.

The server has rejected the file

On the other hand, we find the possibility that the server works, but rejects the video. The reason for this? It’s simple, this is because the video format may not be suitable. In these cases we recommend visit the website from Google where we will find the list of supported formats. Likewise, we always recommend uploading videos in MP4 format, to avoid possible headaches.

An error occurred while sending data over the network

If we come across a phrase that says “Error, an error has occurred while sending data over the network” when trying to load a YouTube video, then the problem is in the browser and we will need to update it.

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After updating the browser we will have to try to enter YouTube and check if it loads the video.

A network error has occurred

YouTube depends on the network to work and is quite sensitive to it. The reason is that YouTube videos are generally heavy and from the HD and Full HD version they are even more so. In case the connection is slow, then we are going to encounter a number of considerable problems in getting a video to load.

We recommend restarting the modem or router; It would also be ideal to check and increase the speed of the internet to verify that we are receiving the speed that we contract. Otherwise, there is no choice but to talk to our internet service provider.

Video rejected for file too small

YouTube is starting to be used too much for short videos and that is why it is thought that there is no minimum for the size of the files. Actually, if a minute exists and it is 2KB. Obviously, it would be too rare to find a video that is less than 2KB in size. Although it can happen when some error happens in your coding.

daily upload limit

YouTube has a limit when it comes to uploading videos to its platform every 24 hours. Although it is not known exactly what is the number of videos that can be uploaded per day. What we are clear about are two things: a new channel has a much lower limit and those channels that have copyright notices.

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