what does the message mean Unreachable content servers on Steam? Basically, they are servers that are used to store content for user access. These servers do not store transaction information related to payments. Although when they become unreachable, this annoying error is generated that we will help you solve a little further down.

How To Fix: Unreachable Content Servers On Steam

In order to solve this problem we are going to try four methods: disable proxy server, delete pending downloads, open steam as administrator and revert steam files. It is not necessary to do them all, we must apply method by method to see which of these works.

disable proxy server

The first thing we should try is disabling proxy settings. Many users have reported that disabling this OS setting fixed the issue.

To start we are going to press “Windows + R” to open the “Run” window and we will type “inetcpl.cpl” without the quotes, then press Enter.

Internet properties.

When we do this, the Internet Properties window will open, the option that interests us is the one that says “Connections”, it is at the top, it is a tab. In this section, we will click on the “LAN Configuration” button.

LAN configuration.

Once we’re here, we’ll need to select “Automatically detect settings” and make sure to deselect use a proxy server. After doing all this, all you have to do is press “OK” and that’s it.

Delete all pending downloads

When we have several pending downloads, it can also generate the content servers unreachable error on Steam. So we will have to go to “Library”, we can access it from the menu at the top.

Stop Steam downloads.

The next thing we will have to do is go to “Downloads” and verify all the downloads that are pending. In this section we will have to eliminate them all by clicking on the “X” that is on the right side of each one.

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Open Steam as administrator

Administrator permissions on all apps can work miracles in solving a huge number of problems. Simply, we will right click on the Steam shortcut and select Run as administrator. Additionally, we can press “Start”, write “Steam” and from the right panel choose “Run as administrator”.

Revert Steam files to their default state

In the event that all of the above does not work, the last option left to us is to return Steam settings to their default state.

To start we are going to press “Windows + R” to open the Run dialog box. Next, we will have to type “Steam://flushconfig” and press “Enter”.

Once the process is complete, which shouldn’t take too long. We will have to start the application again and log in with our account. The problem should be fixed.

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