As with all devices that have the Android operating system, Amazon tablets allow the download of many applications that we see on other devices. Although we can install the Play Store on an Amazon tablet, we generally use the Amazon Appstore to download apps. Although on some occasions we may find ourselves with the problem that Kindle Fire won’t download appsif this is your case, we are going to teach you how to solve it a little below.

In some cases we may encounter synchronization problems with our Kindle Fire tablet. Perhaps we want to install an application and it does not download; Maybe the app downloaded successfully, but it doesn’t appear on the device. At other times, applications do not sync, nor do they update, even if we configure them to do so. We are going to analyze these problems and find a solution for them.

Preparing to Resolve App Download Issues on Kindle Fire

Before moving on to the possible solutions, we will have to do some checks to make sure that we have our tablet configured correctly.

  • The most basic thing would be to make sure that we have storage space. If we run out of space we won’t be able to download anything, not even updates. Be careful in this case because on some occasions, many apps that we download end up accumulating too many files and taking up storage space that we did not take into account. It’s not a bad idea to check it from time to time.
  • We will also have to make sure that our Amazon Kindle Fire is connected to the internet and that it does not disconnect from the Wi-Fi network all the time. Otherwise, we will not be able to access the Amazon Appstore. Which means that we will not be able to download applications of any kind. If the connection is interrupted, the download of applications will also be interrupted.
  • We recommend checking if we have Whispersync activated. It is a service that allows us to synchronize content between our Amazon account and the Kindle Fire. It is something very important, especially if we have a good amount of e-books and varied content.
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How can we check if we have Whispersync enabled? We go to Preferences, then to Device Synchronization (Whispersync Settings) and we will verify that this option is activated.

  • We are also going to have to enable the synchronization of our tablet by sliding down from the top of the screen and clicking on Synchronize. Thanks to this we can allow our device to get updates and downloads of applications. In case we have large files queued, it may take some time to complete.
  • Another thing that we should have well configured is the payment option. If we try to purchase some new content and we don’t have a payment option set up, we won’t be able to continue. This also disables the synchronization of the other content, preventing it from opening.

To achieve this, we are going to go to Manage your content and devices> Preferences> Digital payment settings> Choose payment method and we will verify the configuration.

Fix Amazon Kindle Fire Won’t Download Apps Issue

Once we’ve done the above checks, the issue may be resolved. However, in case the above does not work, we are going to proceed to try something else.

Send content from our Amazon account to the device

  • We open Manage your content and devices.
  • Click on the Content tab.
  • We select the content that we want to send to Kindle Fire.
  • We click Deliver above the content list.
  • A pop-up menu opens and we will select our tablet from the Devices drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Deliver button to synchronize the content with the tablet.
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Verify that our Kindle Fire is compatible with the content

Some applications may not work because our device is not compatible with it. To check it we will have to search for the application in the Amazon Appstore and we will see the Details section.

In case we want to alternate between reading and listening to an electronic book, the service “Whispersync for Voice” from Amazon will help us do it. If when changing the audio version we have problems, it is possible that the title does not have the audio version that we want.

Configuration of payment methods

In the event that we did not configure the payment options correctly before purchasing, we may have to repurchase the content. In this way we will push the transaction to finish processing. No need to worry, the payment will be charged only once; we would not be paying twice for the content.

reboot device

The last resort we have left is to restart the device and, oddly enough, in the vast majority of devices it helps to solve a huge number of problems. In this case we will have to hold down the power button until the tablet turns off. It is a process that takes about a minute, meanwhile, we will keep the button pressed.

When our tablet turns off completely without restarting, we will have to turn it on again by holding the Power button again. We will proceed to verify if the problem persists.

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