Surely you came across the annoying mistake of activity of start of session unusual of Microsoft in your email. This is a problem because sometimes it can be a bait sent by scammers who try to enter our account. Fortunately, there are different ways to protect yourself from this situation and keep our account safe. In this sense, we recommend urgently improving our online security to avoid having to go through this kind of situation.

Something that is quite common is that we link our email to different websites in order to create an account. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to take certain precautions in order to keep ourselves safe at all times. If someone is trying to sign in with our Microsoft account, we’ll get an email saying unusual sign-in activity detected. Although this is a useful notification, there is also the possibility of fraudulent intentions behind it.

Microsoft unusual sign-in activity error

In case the notification comes directly from Microsoft, something that we should verify at all times, then someone is trying to enter our account. We will have to take steps to keep it protected.

Verify authenticity

Obviously, we have to start by checking the authenticity of the email. As we mentioned earlier, there are quite a few scammers who try to imitate notifications and emails from various services, including those from Microsoft.

The company generally sends emails through official addresses of the company, something that we can verify in the Official site from Microsoft. After verifying the authenticity of the email, it is time to protect our account and, if necessary, recover it.

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Change password

The first thing we will have to do when faced with a situation of this type is to change the password. This will help reduce the possibility that a third party can access the account and we will maintain control over it. While we’re at it, we recommend turning on two-factor authentication. Having this option activated ensures that even if a third party knows the password, they will not be able to access our account.

Check recent activity

Another excellent option is the possibility of checking recent activity, which will help us verify the authenticity of the email and keep our account safe. In case we don’t see any login attempts that catch our attention, we can be sure that the email was sent by a scammer. Additionally, by doing this, we can find previous suspicious logins.

In case you have more questions about it, we recommend contacting Microsoft directly, who give this kind of situation a high priority. It is possible to enter your questions and answers about unusual login attempts to remove any doubts we have.

Therefore, if we are exposed to this kind of situation, we will not have to panic. The most important thing will be to follow the steps to the letter and take the appropriate precautionary measures to prevent the situation from escalating.

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