Whether we like it or not, all apps have bugs and Origin is not an exception, luckily fix the error 327684:2 on Windows It is not something too complicated and a little further down we propose a few options to solve it.

How to fix Origin error 327684:2 on Windows

Run Origin as administrator

In many cases the simple fact of running the EA application as an administrator helps to solve any kind of problem that we have, even the error 327684: 2. For this we will have to right click on the Origin shortcut and choose Properties. In the Compatibility tab, we will have to check the Run as administrator option and then we will click on accept. Now we proceed to open the program as we normally would.

Temporarily disable antivirus

Sometimes antivirus programs block some applications due to false positives, it is quite common. We know that the Origin client is not malware, but the antivirus may return a false positive. To test if this is the case, we recommend temporarily disabling virus protection.

Origin executable as exception in antivirus to fix error 327684:2

In case it works, we will have to add an exception to our antivirus. The origin.exe file is located at C:Program Files (x86)Origin

clear cache

In almost all applications, clearing the cache helps to solve a considerable number of problems. The cache files are accumulated so that everything loads faster. However, from time to time they can accumulate and become corrupted, causing problems in any app.

  • We close Origin and open the task manager.
  • We will have to end the processes called: origin.exe and OriginWebHelperService.exe
  • Next, we press Start, type Run and hit Enter. We are going to write %ProgramData%/Origin and again press Enter.
  • We will delete all the folders, except LocalContent.
  • Again, we open the Run window and now we will type %AppData%
  • The Roaming folder will open, where we will have to delete the Origin folder.
  • We open the Run box again and this time we type %userprofile%
  • We go to AppData and then to Local and inside the Local folder we delete the one from Origin

In case we do not see the Local folder, we will have to enable the Show hidden items from the “View” option of the File Explorer.

Download the Beta app

In case the error persists, another method to fix it is to download and install the EA Beta app. This app is available from official Web.

Sign out and sign back in

Another simple solution is to close the session and start it again, we will have to follow these steps:

  • We close the session from the Origin client.
  • We totally shut down Origin.
  • We open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) and end all the processes that are related to Origin.
  • We open the application and log in as usual.

Uninstall Origin, delete game files and reinstall

In extreme cases there is no alternative but to simply remove everything and then reinstall it.

  • We open the Windows settings and go to Applications> Applications and features.
  • We look for the Origin app and proceed to uninstall it.
  • We will remove the game files that are causing problems.
  • We restart the computer.
  • We download Origin again and temporarily disable the antivirus.
  • We proceed to install the EA app.

Now the only thing left to do is to log in with our account and install the game, the problem should be solved.

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