We cannot deny that any kind of video lag and stuttering issues that we try to enjoy can be considerably annoying. Playing videos on our computer is an activity that is done daily. So, having to deal with this problem every day is not what we have always dreamed of, is it? So let’s see how to find a way to repair or solve this problem.

How to fix video lag and stuttering issues in Windows

When we face this kind of problem we will have to perform a power cycle on our computer. We will turn off the PC, unplug it from the electricity, wait a few minutes and proceed to plug it in again. In case this does not help, then we will proceed to try slightly more complicated solutions, although do not worry, they are not that difficult to carry out.

Run the video playback troubleshooter

Windows Video Lag and Stutter Troubleshooter

The first thing we will do is press the Windows + i key combination to open Windows Settings. Once we are here we are going to go to the System tab and click on Troubleshoot.

After this we go to Other troubleshooters and we will have to scroll until we find the video playback troubleshooter.

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Click on Run next to Video playback, which will open the video playback troubleshooting window. Here all we will do is follow the instructions and wait for the process to finish.

Switch media player app

We will also have to make sure that the application we are using is updated. In case it is and we continue to experience these problems. Then we recommend installing a new one to test if the problem persists. In case we continue to experience it, then the error lies elsewhere; On the other hand, if the problem disappears, we are already very clear about where it originates. This way we can fix it faster.

We recommend VLC Media Player, which is the best video and sound player that we can have installed on our computer, with it we can avoid delays and stuttering in the videos. We are talking about a player that allows us to convert to other formats, rotate or rotate videos, we can even cut them. So as we can see, it is quite complete.

Check display and graphics driver

Update drivers.

It is very important to keep all of Windows, its applications and drivers (drivers) updated to the latest version available to ensure not only that they work as they should, but also for security and privacy reasons.

Lower video resolution on laptops

This is recommended for those computers of medium or low range. Reducing the video resolution can help us to view it correctly.

  • We open Windows Settings and go to Applications.
  • Now we will click on Video playback.
  • Next, we’ll head over to the Battery Options dropdown menu and select Optimize for battery life.
  • After this we will have to check the box: Play video at a lower resolution when we are on battery.
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Change graphics settings for media player app

Graphics settings.

Another thing we can do is change the graphics settings for the active media player application on our computer. The best thing would be to use a dedicated GPU to have a better experience, in the integrated ones we can experience various problems.

  • We right click on the Start menu and choose Settings.
  • Now we go to System> Screen.
  • We will have to scroll down in the right panel until we find the Graphics option.
  • After this, we will choose Add an application, we select the corresponding app. In case it does not appear in the list of applications, we will have to click on the Browse button and look for the application that we use to play videos.
  • After this, we will select the media player application that we use and press Options.
  • To finish, we will click on the Maximum performance power plan and click on Save.

Video playback settings

Video playback settings.

We can also change some video playback settings to check if the problem persists. For this, we will do the following:

  • The first thing will be to open Settings and go to the Applications tab in the left sidebar.
  • Now we will click on Video playback in the right panel.
  • Here we will have to disable the switch that is related to the options: Process video automatically to improve it and Save network bandwidth when playing video at a lower resolution.

Once we have configured both options, we will have to check if the problem persists.

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Change power plan

Perhaps we are with a power plan that limits the power of our hardware. So we will have to switch to maximum performance power mode. For this we go to Windows Settings and go to System> Power and battery.

After this we will have to click on the Power mode drop-down option and we will choose the best performance mode.

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