• Canva is a service that needs no introduction, and you are surely looking for more complex results
  • They will be influenced by the sources, both separately and in what makes the combination
  • What are the most recommended font combinations for your new designs in Canva?

Canva is a service that needs no introduction, that you are probably already using for study or work. This tool offers multiple options, so many that sometimes it can be difficult to get out of the most basic. That’s why, If you’re tired of all your graphic products looking the same, check out these Canva fonts you should be using in your designs.. All of them will allow you to obtain more attractive and more complex results.

The thing is, regardless of what your goal is with this platform, the designs you achieve will be influenced by the fonts you select. Both separately and in what makes the combination of them.

10 Great Font Combinations for Canva Designs

Selima +League Spartan

The Selima font is relaxed, while the League Spartan font is strong and gives an impression of authority. By combining them you will look like someone who wants to impose his point of view but without stopping to take it as a game.

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Termus Light + Trirong Light

Although Termos Light and Trirong Light have light in their names, they are not exactly similar to each other. While the first is a bit more mysterious, the second is somewhat lighter and brings light to the design.

Anton + Aileron Regular

Anton is great for logos as it’s tough on context. Aileron Regular is perfect to fully develop the body or the bottom of that logo, for example if you want to write a motto or a tagline.

Bellaboo + Arimo + Space Mono

Bellaboo is an elegant font with curves and will go very well with Arimo and Space Mono. Keep in mind that the sources that combine well can be more than two if they are well thought out as on this occasion.

Playlist Script + Hussar Ekologicsy

The Playlist Script font has a playful look, while Hussar Ekologicsy gives it a cooler outline.

Bodoni FLF + Montserrat Extra Light

Bodoni FLF is unbeatable if you are going to focus on a title, and Monserrat Extra Light unbeatable for the body.

High Cruiser + Frames Thin

The High Cruiser font is a strong bold font and is good for an attention-grabbing logo or symbol. It would also go well with headers. For its part, the Fraunces Thin font is a thin font as its name explains. You could incorporate it for the body of your text or other additional information of your project.

Lovelo + Gistesy

The Lovelo font and the Gistesy font are a very interesting combination. If you want to write a birthday letter or an invitation to your wedding, there are few more complete solutions that we can offer you. They have the right and necessary point of seriousness and kindness towards others. Do not stop making your invitations and letters with both.

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Shrikhand + Tenor Sans

The combination of Shrikhand and Gistesy works well for double words, or in titles with subheadings below. In addition to that, you can leave in their hands all the details regarding a project that goes into the body.

Lemonade Semi Bold + Open Sans Bold

The Lemonada Semi Bold font would make an excellent logo. Open Sand Bold will complement you on the body.

Other frequently asked questions

What are the innovative Canva Pro fonts you should know about?

There are several sources that you should know if you intend to get the most out of its Premium version. Although probably most of those that are free and free will help you with Canva Pro you will be able to exclude yourself from those who do not have access to those sources. So don’t rule out paying yet for him.

Are Canva fonts 100% royalty free?

Canva grants non-exclusive licenses to many of its elements. These include sources. Basically, a non-exclusive license means that the licensee executes the intellectual property but whoever is behind it can assign the same intellectual property to others, coinciding with two or more users in one source.

Which of these font combinations for designs in Canva is the most convincing for you today?

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