• Over the years, we can download a large number of applications on the mobile
  • Deleting them is essential to make space, but it also helps in performance and security
  • iOS offers us tutorials to get rid of the software that we do not take advantage of. Which are?

The latest generations of iPhone have improved in an aspect historically criticized for the Californian firm. We are talking about storage capacity, which is no longer an issue, but still affects older equipment. Obviously there are several solutions for this inconvenience, and While there are many ways to free up space on your iPhone, doing so by uninstalling useless apps is one that makes the most sense..

We say this first of all because we do not need to have applications that we do not usually use at all. We will be able to download and install them again if at any time we need to do so, in seconds. We are talking about social networks that you no longer use, financial apps whose advantages have disappeared, and many others.

Some of these applications run in the background even though we are not aware of it, slowing down our smartphone; while neither do you need to investigate too much to find those that retain the user’s personal information, and exploit it at willwhich puts security at risk.

Keep in mind that the tricks that we are going to teach you work on both iOS 15 and iOS 16 beta.

How to make space on your iPhone by deleting apps?

With the function of Uninstall unused applications

The most direct way to free up space on your iPhone is by deleting apps thanks to the intelligence of iOS. We can do it using the Uninstall unused applications function, one of the best in iOS. When you activate the function, the system on its own will automatically uninstall apps you don’t use.

Now, you have to keep in mind that this procedure does not completely remove the app, but rather you will see its icon as if it were still installed, with a small cloud next to the name, which indicates that it has been uninstalled. By clicking on it to open it, iOS will download and install it again, understanding that you want to use it.

Free up space iPhone 2
Signal, with a small cloud next to the name, indicates that it has been uninstalled from the system

In Settings, General, Storage, you can see how much space installed apps take up. We advise you to do it before activating the Uninstall unused applications, to see how much you save. Eventually, you can enable the feature from Settings, App Store, “Download apps…”

As we said before, even when you have available storage space, it’s not a bad idea to leave behind those apps you don’t use often, because they could negatively impact the team.

It is also important to note that there are some “buts” with this method, such as that to use that app uninstalled by the system again, but pending a new download, you will require access to a stable network.

Uninstall apps manually

Needless to say, you can always uninstall your apps manually, from Settings, General, Storage, choosing the app you want to uninstall, and clicking on the Uninstall app button.

Free up space iPhone 3
You can always uninstall your apps manually, from Settings, General, Storage

Remove any trace of apps

In the app store, if you tap on your profile picture in the top right corner, you’ll see your installed apps. In addition, this allows you to observe them according to how often you use them, to know if any are not used. Assuming you notice an app that you didn’t even know was there, you should remove it immediately. You only have to move the app to the left, to see the Delete button and press it. We think you should repeat this at least once a month, to keep yourself calm.

The other option is to do a wiping all the apps you don’t use, but not one by one, but all together. Thanks to the iOS App Library we can do it relatively easyAnd that’s to thank.

You have to scroll to the right on the home screens, until you see the apps categorized on one page. When you come across that image, go through each category, and delete the apps you no longer need on your device. You can press and hold their icons to add them together, and tap Delete to remove them all..

Remember that there are more apps in each category than you see on the screen, so touch the lower right corner of the categories to open them and see all the apps, getting rid of as many as possible.

What other ways to free up space on an iPhone can you recommend?

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