• While PowerPoint is a powerful tool for creating professional-looking presentations, creating presentations that aren’t a bit boring is time-consuming.
  • What are the first steps with your new solution, PowerPoint Designer?

If you follow our articles, you know that a few weeks ago we taught how to test the new Designer developed by Microsoft. In the same way, since it is one of his most anticipated releases of recent times, this time we are going to review the first steps with PowerPoint Designer.

And it is that although PowerPoint is a powerful tool to create presentations with a professional appearance, creating presentations that are not a bit boring takes a lot of time and sometimes you can be in a hurry. It is precisely for those cases that there is the new PowerPoint Designer… or PowerPoint Designer.

What is PowerPoint Designer about and how to activate it?

If that’s still not clear to you, PowerPoint Designer is a tool that can automatically generate professional slides for your presentations, either based on the text or images you include in your projects. The intent is to allow you to produce professional looking designs without the need to spend a lot of time designing each one. Of course, it is only available to Microsoft 365 subscribers. You must register.

How to activate PowerPoint Designer?

You can turn PowerPoint Designer on and off with a click of a button. Or change your Settings.

  1. Select the Design menu on the PowerPoint ribbon
  2. The PowerPoint Designer panel will appear on the right of the screen
  3. To activate PowerPoint Designer through settings, tap on the File menu
  4. On the General tab, scroll to the bottom and check Automatically show me design ideas
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Note that if the PowerPoint Designer was disabled, you must click Design to enable it.

How to create a new slide and layout outline?

When you create a new slide, it is a title slide. The following respond to the content. While PowerPoint Designer is activated, every time you write text you will see suggestions and tips. Selecting one of the designs, a consistent outline is applied to the content slides.

To create a title slide and layout outline in PowerPoint Designer, follow these steps:

  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Click on Blank Presentation
  3. Make sure PowerPoint Designer is activated with the above tutorial
  4. Click on the text box that says Click to add title
  5. Enter the title of the presentation and click outside the text box to see hints and tips
  6. You can choose one of the designs or click on See more design ideas
  7. Add a new slide by clicking the Insert menu
  8. The new slide will follow the layout of the previously used ones
getting started PowerPoint Designer 2

You will find that you can choose from a wide variety of recommended design scheme options.

How to create graphics from text using PowerPoint Designer?

On the other hand, you can have PowerPoint Designer display graphics based on the text you type there.

  1. Write text on your slide. It doesn’t matter what content it is: a list, a process or a timeline
  2. PowerPoint Designer will suggest and advise you on the graphics that could show off
  3. If you don’t like any of them, click the Replace their graphic button
  4. Look at all the possible graphs and select the one that you like the most
  5. Click Insert to add the new chart to your slide
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This It is a good trick if you are clear about what you want to say or show your audience but not how to do it.

How to disable PowerPoint Designer?

If you find that you no longer need PowerPoint Designer, then you can deactivate it in several ways. We will recommend the simplest of all, which consists of clicking on the Design menu so that the advice and suggestions of this tool no longer bother you. But you can do the first tutorial in reverse mode.

In both cases, PowerPoint Designer should disappear from the screen and no longer bother you.


We believe that learning to use PowerPoint Designer can help you create professional presentations fast. You’ll get high-quality results without having to work as hard, and that’s key to focusing on other tasks.

Now that you know the first steps with PowerPoint Designer, what else would you like to know about it?

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