Even for those people who have been using this version of the operating system for some time, they still haven’t found all the secrets that the Microsoft OS hides. For this reason, we have created this article where we are going to tell you about the hidden features of windows 10 which you should definitely use. They are very useful!

Hidden features of Windows 10 that you should use

cut out and draw

Cut out and draw.

We cannot deny that it is a considerably useful integrated tool for many cases. It allows us to take a screenshot of any area of ​​the screen, we can even take a screenshot of an entire website with a single button. We will press Windows + Shift + S on our keyboard. We can also press start and type Crop Tool.

virtual desktops

Hidden features Windows 10

On many occasions our workspace can be somewhat messy. This is when virtual desktops can help us manage the windows we have open and keep everything organized; improving our productivity. To add a new virtual desktop, we will have to press Windows + tab. In the task view we will click on the New desktop button at the top of the screen.

Record your screen with Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is a powerful tool brought to us by Windows 10. It is completely designed for gamers, although anyone can use its functions, including screen recording. We can activate Xbox Game Bar by pressing the Windows + G key combination. In the main menu, we will have to click on the Capture icon (which is shaped like a camera). In the Capture window, we will use the record button to start recording the screen.

clipboard history

Every so often it may happen to us that we try to paste something and realize that we copied something else later. Luckily, Windows 10 has a feature called Clipboard History, which can be enabled from Settings > System > Clipboard.

Once we have it activated, we are going to see the history by pressing Windows + V at any time. Even if we activate Sync between devices, we can copy something on one computer and paste it on another that has the same Microsoft account signed in.

Instant timestamp in notepad

Date in notepad.

While we think Windows Notepad can be useful, Notepad++ is far better. Although this old program that has accompanied Windows for a long time has its little secrets. We can get a date and timestamp by pressing F5 on our keyboard at any time. We can also go to Edit> Time/Date in the menu bar.

Advanced start menu

The hidden power user menu can be started by pressing Windows + X or by right-clicking on the Start button. In this menu we are going to find a large number of quick accesses to different tools and important configurations of the operating system.

emoji menu

The emoji menu is one of the hidden features of Windows 10.

Emojis are used to help us express emotions when we are writing. In Windows there is an easy way to insert emojis in any text field. For this, we will have to press Windows + the period key (.) We will see that a small menu appears that will allow us to choose from a large list of emojis.

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