• There are multiple cases of use of screenshots but, regardless of them, it is essential to know what the basic process is to be able to freeze what you see and get a file
  • To achieve this result, all you have to do is follow a few steps that will depend more than anything on the phone manufacturer and if it has pure Android or some customization layer
  • How to complete a screenshot on Pixel and Samsung Galaxy in few seconds?

If you usually read our articles, you have probably seen that on more than one occasion we talk about screenshots. Also known as screenshots, they are a really interesting trick thinking about sharing certain content with other people, or storing it to use if we have to check it in the future. Paradoxically, Although most users end up managing to take them, few know how screenshots work on Androidso let’s discover its most important aspects.

The first thing we must say in this regard is that the way screenshots work on Android had several changes over time, especially since the update to Android 11which involved interesting reforms in the user interface of Google’s mobile operating system, affecting not only its aesthetics but, with it, many of the basic procedures that we can carry out on our smartphone to take advantage of it.

In this article, we are going to explain how to take a screenshot of Google and Samsung Pixel devices. Of course there are many other manufacturers, but most of them have thought of the same capture mechanisms as these two firms, so if you know these two tricks you will probably be able to take screenshots every time.

android screenshots 2

How to take a screenshot on pure Android?

In principle, if your device runs stock Android or a version of Android without so many tweaks, there is good news. We could say that the main way of taking screenshots hasn’t changed too much. Basically you have to press and hold the physical Power + Volume Down buttons.

Android 3 screenshots

After a second, you’ll notice the screen flicker and you’ll see a thumbnail of the screenshot at the top. From the same menu that opens around the screenshot you can edit it and share it with other users.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy?

As we have been explaining, when the manufacturer reaches into Android, there may be some news. One of the most emblematic cases is that of Samsung, with its customization layer, called One UI, of course.

For your peace of mind, the method of the two physical buttons of the Pixel continues to work on the Samsung. But since the South Korean considers that this is not enough, she always offers several other solutions to consider.

Android 4 screenshots

You can capture with the palm of your hand or by opting for Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby. Both the smart selection and Hello Bixby are two alternative and useful mechanisms for your screenshots.

As in Android of the Pixel, the Samsung also shows a small preview of the screenshot. From there you will be able to make some minor edits to the capture before saving or sharing it.

Where are screenshots saved on Android?

Now that you have your screenshots, or know how to take them, you may be wondering where they are stored. Generally, all these Android phones come with an image gallery, which is divided into folders. You have to look for the screenshots or screenshots folder to be able to review all the files.

Android 5 screenshots

In the Samsung Galaxy there is an exception, and that is that the screenshots or screenshots folder does not appear within the Google Photos application, but within the Camera foldera detail not to forget.


As is clear, some things have changed over the years, and the screenshot experience in this mobile operating system from Google, the most popular worldwide, is today more fluid than it used to be.

Probably in the coming years we will continue to witness changes in the way we make these screenshots, both by Google and by the many manufacturers that adopt Android, especially those of Chinese origin, which are the most daring in terms of customization tools software on smartphone.

And if that’s not enough for you, always You can use the applications available in the Google Play Store, many of which have been specifically designed to take more complex screenshots..

In any case, we hope that this review has been useful for you to clear up any doubts you may have regarding Android screenshots, both in practically original versions of the operating system and with customization layers with a lot of intervention, Samsung’s ONE UI being a good example of what we indicated to you.

Do you have any other queries about how screenshots work on Android? Ask us!

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