Computers with an operating system developed by the folks at Google have positioned themselves as a great alternative to both those running MacOS and, above all, those running Windows, which explains why so many people choose them. If you are among all of them, and you are looking for a simpler and more intuitive use in Chrome OS, you can learn how to activate and use the Google Assistant on Chromebook in very few steps.

Of course, the first thing to mention is that Google Assistant, such as its official name, is not yet available on Chromebook. However, we know that Google is working on providing reciprocal support, and we also have the already known compatibility with thousands of other devices, whether they are their own or not.

Even several Chromebooks come with this assistant enabled by default, although we do not have access to all of its functions. We have already taught you how to disable the Google Assistant on Chromebook if you have any of those. But, this time, our interest is to teach you how to activate it if it doesn’t come that way from the factory.

Activate Google Assistant on Chromebook step by step

Indeed, we can enable the Google Assistant on Chromebook without further delay, by following these steps:

  • Click on the clock area, in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Quick Settings will open, and you should go to the Settings menu
  • Once there, go to Search and assistant in the right menu
  • Make sure the Google Assistant is enabled
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When you have completed this procedure, the wizard will be active on your Chromebook and Chrome OS, and its activation will depend on a predetermined input on the keyboard or, alternatively, on a voice input if you prefer.

In that same menu that we mentioned before, you have the opportunity to make some configurations that we could consider useful, such as for example if you want it to be activated with the command «OK Google».

First look at the Google Assistant on Chromebook

As we said before, if you have enabled this particular voice input, you can always put your assistant to work in the simplest way. That is to say, just by calling it through the “OK Google” command.

Anyway, as most users tend to pretend that their indications go unnoticed, what is advised in those cases is to opt for an easier method, by clicking on the launcher icon.

This will open a search bar with the Google Assistant icon on the right side, pressing on top of which you can ask Google to do something for you, without necessarily saying “OK Google”.

Have you already been able to activate the Google Assistant on your Chromebook?

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