• Some time ago, Spotify launched a feature called Canvas, which allows artists to upload small videos or images to add more to their songs, and for the public to see them
  • As music listeners, we can observe Canvas activating them on both iOS and Android, and although the function is not yet available on PC, on smartphones it adds to the user experience

Although it is true that there are many musical applications, it is no less true that the majority of users continue to opt for Spotify. After all, it has the great advantage of having been the first great music app. Absolutely interesting it turns out, on the other hand, that If you want to enhance your music listening experience, you can play videos in the background by knowing how to turn Canvas on or off in Spotify.

It is one of the most attractive digital art functions that we have seen appear in the segment lately. Thanks to it, you can learn more about the creations of your favorite artists, or discover new ones.

What is Spotify Canvas and what are its features?

Now, you have to take into account in the first instance that this is not a default feature in Spotify. Therefore, you will have to activate it to see it in action. And deactivate it if you think that the Canvas is not for you. Also consider that if you have the mobile with data saving active, these videos will surely not be played.

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What’s more, the videos must meet a series of requirements, which the artists are obliged to respect:

  • They must be between 3 and 8 seconds long
  • The video resolution has to be between HD and FullHD
  • Canvas videos must be a maximum of 600 pixels wide
  • The files that make up the video can only be in JPEG or MP4 format
  • The proportion of the canvas must be 19:6, in vertical format, as many mobiles record

Does the PC version of Spotify have Canvas?

Unfortunately for our readers, Canvas is not available for the desktop version of the platform. However, if you’re an artist, you can add your digital artwork to your music from a PC, like this:

  • Sign in to your Spotify for Artists account
  • Go to the music section and choose a song
  • Click Add Canva, and select a file

Adding a Canva as an artist from your computer is that easy, and you can remove it by clicking Remove Canva.

enable disable Canvas Spotify 2

How to turn Canvas on or off in Spotify

With what we have said before, let’s know then how to activate and deactivate Canvas in Spotify. The procedure does not really differ too much in both operating systems and, of course, that is an advantage.

on Android

  • Open Spotify and go to Settings
  • Look for the Canvas feature
  • Flip the switch to enable it

Evidently, if you want to disable it, all you have to do is toggle the switch to do so.

on iPhone

  • Open Spotify and go to Your Library
  • Go to the Settings of the app
  • Select the Play function
  • Navigate to Canvas, and activate the canvas
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Again, if you want to disable it, all you have to do is toggle the switch to do so.

Frequent questions

How do I fix Canvas not working?

If you find that Spotify Canvas isn’t working in your browser, you can always try something else:

  • Update the app
  • Sign in again
  • Check all settings
  • Uninstall and reinstall it

If all that doesn’t work, Spotify Canvas may not yet be available in your geographic location. Then you will have no choice but to keep waiting, until it appears among the available alternatives.


In the end, the artists add these photos and videos to Canvas to give their fans some extra, extra attention. These digital works of art go beyond the album cover, and represent a specific expression of the theme. Activating the function, therefore, is a more than interesting option, and it does not have to be a complicated process.

Have you enabled Spotify Canvas on your smartphone? Tell us any thoughts you have about it.

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