• If TeamViewer is your remote access software, knowing how to add new equipment is one of those essential things that will help you make the most of its 100% potential wherever you are
  • You can add more and more devices both with and without a password, so part of this process is customizable according to how secure the environments where you move are

TeamViewer is one of the references when it comes to remote access to computers, which is why it is also one of the most popular programs in its category. Of course, the more computers added to the network, the more useful this software becomes. Therefore, adding a new team in TeamViewer is one of the basic steps of using this program, one that will allow you to make the most of it in any circumstance.

As you well know, and if not, let us tell you about it, remote access to another PC is one of the most interesting processes that we can enjoy both personally and professionally. leaving us from finding files to only a few meters away, how to launch programs from another continent.

For this to be possible, of course, applications like TeamViewer will have to be installed on both devices, so this is the first step you should consider whenever you want to add a new team.

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How to add another PC in TeamViewer in the traditional way?

One of the good news when trying to add another team in TeamViewer is that the step by step is the same in any operating system where you are doing it, beyond minor differences that we will mention below.

  • Open TeamViewer and go to the Extras or Preferences, clicking on the icon of the three horizontal bars
  • Select Options from the dropdown menu, click General and then Account Assignment
  • Tap Assign to account and, if you haven’t already, use your login credentials
  • Once you have entered this information, press the Assign button
add new TeamViewer 2 team

Please note that every time you add a new device to your TeamViewer account you will need to authorize it. When it’s the first time You must add the username and password and store it in Trusted Devices.

How to save the new computer in Trusted Devices?

After entering the login details for the first time, a pop-up will appear, informing that an email has been sent confirmation to the email address, which contains a device authorization link valid for 24 hours, so that’s the window to accept the invitation.

Once you click on the link, the TeamViewer Management Console will open to see all your Settings. You can complete the process by selecting the trusted scope, whether for device only or for IP address. Eventually, if you want to be a bit more cautious, you can select to authorize “only once”.

Once the settings are set, close with Trust to complete the process, which should return a message saying something like “Device added successfully”, enabling you to log in to it without further delay.

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How to add a PC in TeamViewer without a password

As we have explained before, when connecting a new device in TeamViewer, you will usually have to put a password that authorizes the connection, something that is of vital importance for security reasons. That said, you may not find it necessary, and so it is easy to remove the password request.

This is possible thanks to the Easy access feature of TeamViewer that, once activated, will only ask us to log in to the account and access the desired device, without any additional information.

Before activating Easy Access, make sure that the device you want to connect to is assigned to your account, of course.

add new TeamViewer 3 team
  • Open TeamViewer and go to the Extras or Preferences, clicking on the icon of the three horizontal bars
  • Select Options from the dropdown menu, click Security and then Unattended Access
  • Tap Grant Easy Access and tap OK to sign in without annoying passwords

If you are concerned about possible security risks, you should know that Easy Access is safe. Only approved accounts can access a device without a password, and the account itself is protected with two-factor authentication.


Thanks to all-in-one platforms intuitive like TeamViewer, accessing any device remotely is reasonably easy. It is possible that you have to work on a second PC belonging to a client or family member, and thanks to this app you can do it by controlling it in the same way that you control your main computer.

Of course it is not the only application that we have in its segment, but it is one of those that we could recommend to those people who have never interacted with remote access software before.

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Do you often use remote access programs? Do you stick with TeamViewer or do you prefer others?

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