When it comes to office automation tools, we can’t deny that the first thing that comes to mind is Microsoft’s proposal. Although there are many alternatives to Office, due to its stability, functionality and hundreds of options, we still prefer it. One such option is the possibility of add a PDF in Wordsomething we’ll show how to achieve a bit further down.

How to Add an Editable PDF to a Word Document

This is a very simple method to use. We are going to convert the inserted PDF into a Word format, this way we can edit it with other texts and images in the document. Best of all, we can return to the PDF format after editing it.

  • First we open a blank Word document.
  • We go to the top menu and we are going to select File.
  • Now we will have to click on Open in the context menu.
  • Next, we will find the PDF file that we want to import and open it.

Word will take care of inserting the PDF at this point and will automatically convert it into an editable Docx file.

Insert a PDF as an object

We cannot deny that this method is better, although it is a bit more technical. It will give us the possibility to add a PDF as an object instead of importing the PDF as a Word document. Thanks to this method, the PDF becomes part of a document full of text without taking up much space, let’s see how it works:

  • We will position the cursor where we want the PDF to appear.
  • Let’s navigate and select Insert from the top menu.
  • Now we will have to select Object that is in the Text group.
  • We will click on Object in the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Here we are going to access the Object window. We will have to go to the Create from file tab and then we will click on Browse.
  • We look for the PDF file, we select it and we click on Insert.

From this moment we will have two options to enable: Link to the file and Show as icon.

In case we check the first option, the PDF will be linked to the source file, this means that any change we make to the file will be reflected in the PDF that we insert in Word. It is definitely a good idea if we are editing the PDF from another app.

On the other hand, if we check the Show as icon option, it means that the PDF will not take up space in our Word file, it will simply appear as a square icon. Although the PDF will be fully extended in Word if we don’t mark it.

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