There is nothing more fun than play with friendsspecially in clash royalealthough first we will have to add to our acquaintances or friends to be able to enjoy several games together. This is what we will learn in today’s article.

Most cooperative or multiplayer games are enjoyed much more accompanied by friends, game sessions can become extremely long, without us realizing it, we will spend hours and hours in front of the screen. Clash Royale allows us to add and play with friends without problems, which makes it a much more addictive and entertaining game.

How to add friends in Clash Royale

Actually, adding friends in Clash Royale is something too easy and we can achieve it in a few steps:

  • The first thing will be to open the profile of the player that we want to add as a friend.
  • Next, we are going to click on “Add friend”.
  • We can find the profile in the “Social” tab when our friend accepts the friend request.

How to play with friends in Clash Royale

Once the player we added earlier accepts our in-game friend request, we’ll be able to invite them to custom rooms or our own party so we can play together. It is the simplest and fastest method to be able to play with friends, we are simply going to go through the Battle tab.

  • We are going to click on the “Party” or “Group” button that is in the middle of the Battle tab.
  • Next, we will click on “Play with a friend” and we will have to select our friend in question.
  • Once our guest accepts the invite, they will join the game queue.
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Is there a limit of friends?

Yes, Clash Royale limits the list of friends to 100. The friends we add will be linked to this account. In case we run out of the limit of 100 friends, we have the possibility to link other accounts to be able to import our friends from there.

Something else that we should keep in mind before finishing this article is that friend requests also fall within the default limit. This means that, if we have 50 friends and 20 pending requests, the game will take it as if we have 70 of 100 friends added, which would leave us the possibility of adding 30 more.

Once we hit 100, not only will we no longer be able to send friend requests, we won’t be able to receive them either.

What accounts can we link to Clash Royale?

Currently, Clash Royale gives us the possibility to add up to three accounts depending on the device:

  • Supercell (limited to 300 friends)
  • WeChat/QQ (Limit depends on locale)
  • Game Center (Only for those with an Apple device)

If we only link our Supercell account we will already have the possibility of adding 300 friends, which is more than enough in most cases.

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