• Beyond its obvious differences, Chrome OS is basically similar to Windows, for example by allowing us to have several active user accounts, one for each use or member of the family
  • In addition to that, we can change users without even logging out, delete users when they no longer use the computer, or even log in as guests, if it is an exceptional situation.

Computers with Google’s Chrome OS operating system could say that they leave no one indifferent. There are those who consider that it is a great option, an especially interesting alternative for those who do not need too much power; while there are also those who assure that it is always better to opt for Windows computers. If you are one of the first adding another user to your Chromebook makes a lot of sense if you usually share this computer with them, thus preventing them from accessing the most sensitive content.

The fact is that Chromebooks are relatively cheap devices, quite resistant on a day-to-day basis, that many users will probably have chosen to be able to share them with the other members of the family, especially in families with young children, who are making their first weapons with these products.

Like Microsoft, Google has worked to allow us to have numerous users on each device.. This supposes an additional level of privacy, so that we do not have to share with absolutely anyone content that we want to be kept available only to our profile.

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Of course, for this feature to work, it will be essential to first create those new users, all of them with their login credentialsgranting independence to each potential profile.

Add another user to Chromebook step by step

Starting with the tutorial you probably came for, let’s see how to add users in Chrome OS:

  • Click on the button in the lower right corner, where the time, battery, etc. are.
  • Click Sign Out at the top of the popup that appears
  • Go back to the login screen and at the bottom left, tap Add person
  • You will be asked if you want to add an adult or a child, to proceed to one type or another of configuration
  • Have that new user sign in with their Google account, or create one to access their account
  • Approves the terms that the screen shows, and specifies what data and information associated with that user’s browsing in Chrome should be rescued to also be in their account, and what is not necessary

Once you have done the configuration, then you will have two user accounts on your Chromebook, being able to log in to any of them, as long as you know the access credentials of each one, of course.

Other user tutorials on Chrome OS

Now that you know how to add another user on Chromebook, let’s see some additional interesting tutorials.

How to switch from one user to another?

Although our advice is that whenever you go to lend your Chromebook you return to the lock screen, that is up to you. Meanwhile, we show you how to switch from one user to another, something that can be very practical. obviously, of course, if you yourself have a personal and a professional user, to give an example.

  • Click on the clock in the lower right corner, to open the Quick Settings menu
  • Click on the single user icon, in the upper left corner of the menu
  • Select Sign in with another user, which will open a Multiple Sign-in pop-up warning you that if you’re in it you’ll be able to access any login without needing a password
  • Once you have accepted that condition, you will return to the lock screen, to start the session you want
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Going forward, you will be able to switch sessions by simply clicking the user icon in Quick Settings.

How to delete a user?

If you created a user for someone, and you’re sure they won’t be logged in again, you can delete it.

  • Sign out of your account to return to the lock screen
  • Click the down arrow next to the name of the person you are removing
  • Click Delete that user, accepting all the implications of moving forward
  • Click Delete account again to confirm your decision

It is worth clarifying, just in case, that the user who owns the team cannot be deleted. You will eventually be able to get rid of it, but only by completely resetting the system.

How to log in as a guest?

Lastly, you don’t always want to add another user with their own session, a guest session is enough.

  • Sign out of your account to return to the lock screen
  • Click the Browse as Guest button in the bottom left corner

That’s how easy it is to start the guest mode, which you can exit by pressing in the lower right corner, selecting the Exit guest option, to return to the lock screen with your users.

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