Fortunately, add comments of Audio in adobe acrobat It is something that we can do very easily. In this way, we can record audio comments directly in Adobe Acrobat or use another application and then attach them to the PDF file.

Audio comments appear in the Comments panel along with text comments and editing marks such as insertions and deletions. In this guide we are going to use sample images from Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Although they are perfectly applicable for the 2020 and 2018 versions.

We should also note that this guide does not apply to Adobe’s free PDF viewing software, Acrobat Reader. Although Acrobat Reader users should be able to listen to the audio comments without any problem.

Add audio comments in Adobe Acrobat

Before continuing, we must note that, in order to complete this process, it is essential to have a built-in or external microphone on our computer. Once this is clarified, we can proceed with the guide.

Guide to Adding Audio Comments in Adobe Acrobat

We start by clicking on the Tools tab.

Adobe Acrobat comments.

Next, we will have to choose Comment in the Tool Center section.


Here we will select the Attachment button on the Comment toolbar.

Record audio.

We will have to choose Record audio from the drop-down menu (we can also attach one that we have already recorded with another application).

Talking icon.

The cursor will automatically turn into a speaker icon. We will have to click on the icon of the page in which we want to insert the comment.


Now we will have to click Record in the Sound Recorder dialog box.


We will speak using the microphone we have on our computer. Once we’re done, we’re going to select the Stop button to end the recording. To finish, we will have to click on the OK button.

Add audio comments in Adobe Acrobat and configure its options.

A Sound Attachment Properties window will appear, here we will have to select the Ear, Microphone or Sound icon.

Customize icon.

Alternatively, we can adjust the color and opacity of the dialog depending on our needs.

Play audio.

Then click on OK at the bottom.

Remove comment with Adobe Acrobat audio.

We can double click on the icon to listen to the audio commentary.

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In case we want to delete the audio comment, we will have to right click on it and choose the first option from the drop-down menu that would be Delete.

Attach audio commentary recorded with another program

We also have the possibility of attaching audio comments recorded with other software, we can use the software that comes integrated in Windows to record sounds or Audacity, among others. Something that we must consider is that the formats supported with WAV or AIFF, we cannot use MP3 files.

The steps are going to be similar to the previous guide, although with some variations, so we will have to pay attention:

  • We select the Tools tab.
  • We choose Comment in the Tool Center.
  • We click the Attachment button on the Comment toolbar.
  • We select Record Audio from the dropdown menu.
  • At this time the cursor changes shape and will have a speaker icon. We click on the page where we want to add the comment.
  • Now we click the Browse button in the Sound Recorder dialog box.
  • We will search for the file that we have previously recorded and open it.

The following steps will be the same as the previous guide, so it is not very difficult as we can see. In this simple way we already know how to add audio comments to Adobe Acrobat.

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