Microsoft offers many tools when it comes to handling emails; many of these tools are the classics of always: Word, PowerPoint and Excel. They are integrated into the official mail of the company in a magnificent way. Precisely for this reason, it is possible add graphics in a Outlook email; In this article we are going to see step by step everything we must do to achieve it.

A graph is a graphical representation of a series of data which are represented by symbols such as bar graphs, pie graphs, lines, histogram, columns, area, boxes, etc. In this way we can present certain data in a professional and friendly manner, ideal for when we must send a summary of statistics in the workplace.

Outlook allows us to use Excel and other tools to insert specific graphics, it has a large number of them; we can add as many as we want.

How to add or insert graphics in an Outlook email

Insert chart.

Once we are in our email, we will have to create a new email; in this interface we will have to click on the “Insert” tab that is at the top. After this, we will have to look for the “Graphics” button found in the “Illustration” group.

Insert or add chart to Outlook email.

A new window opens called “Insert Chart”. In this window we will be able to insert any kind of graph that we want, we can choose them from the left sidebar. Once we choose the graphic we want, we will simply have to click on “Accept”.

Replace with our data.

In a window of the Excel program it will appear with predetermined data so that we can visualize how it would look, if we like it, we will simply have to supplant said data with our own.

Then we close the Excel program window and we will have our graph in the message in question.

In case you want insert a table in an Outlook email, it is also too easy. We will simply have to be in “New message” again to start writing one, but we will go to the “Insert” tab on the toolbar.

Once we are in the “Insert” tab we will have to select the table icon and then we will choose the number of tables and columns that we want to add to the email.

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