We may have a website for a charity, local sports team, or something similar where we need to share a schedule of events. For these cases, it is best add Google Calendar at website or blog. This way we can list these events together with all our users.

Add Google Calendar to a website or blog


The first thing we have to do is lead us to Google Calendar in our browser, if we have not done so, we will have to log in and click on the gear icon in the upper right to open the Settings menu; here we will have to choose the first option “Settings”.

Integrate Calendar.

Once we’re on the Settings screen, we’ll need to choose a calendar on the left, just below Settings for my calendars, if we have more than one. Then we go to “integrate calendar” or scroll to this section on the right.

Add Google Calendar to website or blog.

Here we can see a block of code in the embed code area. We can choose and copy this code which is what we will use to add Google Calendar with default settings to our website.

Although we can also make some changes to its appearance, it would be like customizing the design of the calendar, changing the color or size. For this we will click on “Customize”, the code will be changed depending on what we select.

How to customize Google Calendar code

After clicking on “Personalize” we will see a new tab. Here, we can see the same embed code at the top with a calendar preview on the right.

Customize Google Calendar.

On the left, we can see the customization options. This will give us the ability to change the appearance and exact size of the calendar.

We have a large number of interesting options and all the changes we make will be automatically reflected in the code that we must insert in our website. In this way we can show a calendar that adapts to the design of our website or blog in an extremely simple, fast and, above all, practical way.

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